Fire extinguisher monitoring records

Fire extinguisher monitoring records

fire extinguisher monitoring record

For fire emergency situation, fire extinguishers deployed at various are which place that fire accident possibilities or previously accident / indicate happened of fire violation, this requirements are mandatory each organizations by government rules & acts and same will be applicable for the small scale industries & shops where fire accident possible or very high flammable materials are in used.

Fire extinguishers are mostly seen in any organization are below:

  • Type A – Generally A type of fire extinguishers are used for the fired in Cloths, Papers, Rubber & rubber products, plastics, Combustible wood
  • Type B – This fire extinguishers types are wisely used in industries due to fire accidents are happens where flammable / high flammable liquids are used, oil, grease and solvents, paint thinners are major used in industries.
  • Type C – Type of C – Fire extinguishers are used for the electrical / energized electrical equipments, circuit boards & electrical panels etc..
  • Type D – Generally D type of fire extinguishers are used for the metal & metal concern fire like fire in combustible metal which – Manganese, Titanium, Na, Li, K etc..

Generally Companies are used multipurpose fire extinguishers due to those are very effectives against multiple types like A,B and C types of fires.

If the organization are expanded in long distances that fire extinguishers are deployed at each departments or machines, those all the fire extinguishers are expired or any technical problem happen that difficulties can be create at time of the real used, to avoid that situation, fire extinguisher monitoring is done regular basic or as per defined frequency.

In fire extinguisher monitoring records, observer details as below information:

  1. Fire extinguisher no
  2. Type of fire extinguisher
  3. Location
  4. Capacity
  5. Pressure
  6. Due date
  7. Inspection date
  8. Observations and sign / remarks

Above information is base requirements of the fire extinguisher monitoring records, here ready made format for the same are available for download, after download Edit, remove and modification is possible as per your company requirements. For the downloading you can refer below links:


Download Fire extinguisher monitoring records format in excel sheet

Fire extinguisher monitoring records samples download

Fire extinguisher monitoring records template download

Fire extinguisher monitoring records example download

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