EHS Internal Audit

EHS Internal Audit: Environment Health & Safety (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001)   EHS – Environment health and safety is integrated management system that according to international standards ISO 14001 (The International Organization for standardization) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series / System) helps to maintain consent requirements of government laws, regulatory … Read more

Business Review Meeting

Business Review Meeting   In the business review meeting is open the gate of the discussion, this is the unique communication method thorough all the concern peoples, selected peoples can get to gather, discussing on the various sides of the task and right judgments can raised from the open discussions.   Periodic business review is … Read more

Quality assurance report

Quality Assurance Report   Quality Assurance Report & Date of Q.A. report established Incoming Raw material quality inspection – by Quality assurance engineer, following information are verify and actions to be made: Material Description – Verify material information Name of the supplier that material supplied Quality issues – generally quality assurance mostly focus on the … Read more

Machine Repair Cost analysis

  Machine Repair Cost analysis   Machine Name Machine Number Location where machine is installed and operating Date of the trouble had started – Date required at problem noted. Trouble shooting or repairing date Material purchase for the repairing machine by technical advice Cost for transportation – Total amount paid for the material Repairing charges … Read more

Product Testing Form

Product Testing Form   Product Testing is the primary requirements of the manufacturing industry, when any product or batch are going to established in manufacturing process that, full load are not possible until product final quality testing and concern all the parameters are not approved, if without testing of the product whole lot are start … Read more

Technical Improvement sheet

Technical Improvement sheet   Technical Improvement project code that all the technical improvement project records and its project code sequences Date of establishment of the technical improvement Product identification number and name which of the technical improvement are being in used. Product description – full description of the that all the technical information and its … Read more

Manufacturing Operation Record

Manufacturing Operation Record   Date & shift that manufacturing operation are happen at plant / unit. Material Identification number Material Description – Full details for the manufacturing operation information Finish material Requirements for the manufacturing operations Raw material Description, Details that used for the finish material requirements and manufacturing operations requirements. Input quantity of the … Read more

Product Quality Evaluation

Product Quality Evaluation   Revision number & Revision Date Product quality evaluation report number Customer Name & customer Description – All details of the customer’s address, contact numbers etc.. Product Purchasing details General terms are used for product purchasing Quality Presentation Evaluation – presentation of the product quality that can be measure & appearance perfect, … Read more

Product Delivery Evaluation

Product Delivery Evaluation   Revision number & Date Product Delivery Evaluation Report Date & number Customer Name & Customer Information Product Purchasing – Mostly information about the product size, grade, specification and special requirement that product delivery evaluation records are being maintained. General Terms of the product purchasing by customer Lead Time Evaluation – this … Read more

Payroll Register

Payroll Register   Payroll Register made by human resource department for the employee payable amount, in this payroll register all the details of the payable, deduction and net payable amount are calculated, Here as below given example format of payroll register for kind consideration:     Date of payment made or paid Employee Identification number … Read more