Information security plan

Information security plan The purpose of process of information security plan is establishment method to protect the information of company’s confidentiality. Process of information security plan is motive is secure the information of company in the soft & hard formats, the purpose of the procedure is to draw methods & defense system that theft of … Read more

Internal Audit Circular letter

Internal Audit Circular letter   In any quality management system or integrated management system are need to conduct internal audit on defined time period, mostly internal audit are conducted on base of the requirements of the company situations, generally quarterly internal audit are best option for the company but some companies are conducting the audit … Read more

Internal Audit schedule for ISO 27001

Internal Audit schedule for ISO 27001   Internal audit schedule is prime stage for any internal audit, all the internal audits are conduct on base of the schedule are prepared. in the ISO 27001 is the international standards that required to timely internal system audit to conform that all the required clauses of the iso … Read more

Security Investigation Report

Security Investigation Report   In the company Information technology unique department that concern with all department peoples and depends on the some futures used by peoples, reason is that peoples are working on the some software, used mobiles, emails and other software are attached with machines, same as the maintenance department information technology department need … Read more