Quality Action Plan

Quality Action Plan   All the games in industry to win the full customer satisfactions and customer satisfaction depend on quality of product, price and services. But on prime level is quality of product, if the quality is weak than all the remains will be on second priority but in case that customer satisfaction level … Read more

Supplier quality excellence

Supplier quality excellence Supplier quality excellence or vendor audit is the same things but in the supplier quality excellence is advance auditing method, in the vendor audit generally auditors are covered the requirements of the its company that is customers, it can be price, delivery and other concern information that always customers are bear due … Read more

Quality Objective Record

Quality Objective Record   Quality objectives are primary goal to establish, maintained & improvement decided on base of it. Objectives can be departmental & company level, departmental objectives are directly affect company level objectives, all the department’s objective are create company level objective that base targets are different than departmental, or there are also possible … Read more