Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

contingency plan

Some time happen that with mechanism suddenly failed or part are broke down that never happen before. It’s a unforeseen event that not any preparedness of uncertainly happen with machine that need to immediate action for the continuous the machine are challenging situation recording can cover in contingency plan that recording for the specially eventually or can also say unforeseen event plan.

In the contingency plan, are recording for those events or problems / trouble are seen first time, people don’t have idea that could be happen such as power failures event happen can never warn before gone & also possible people having a battery back that cover this uncertain possibility, all the contingency events mentioned, review for the future trouble shooting that lean from those contingency.

There are also can be cover the possible cause are never seen but can possible to happen can create the trouble, before happen that event are propose controls, requirements should be deployed against it to avoid such types of troubles.

In the contingency plan format see above picture format covered major six field that help for the fulfill the requirements of contingency situation, that is eventually possibility, see below major fields are as under:

  1. Type of contingency reviewed
  2. Current Status
  3. Alternate arrangements
  4. Action Plan
  5. Responsibility / Target Date
  6. Action completion Status

Type of Contingency review, is key identity of the requirements that which trouble or event are happen, those events are for the reviewed in fields are expecting. In line with contingency review current status of the point, what is the status is?. In the alternate arrangement field is most important that whether event happen that all the possible sides are need to review that review’s out put should be alternate arrangement:

E.g. contingency reviewed – Power Failures.

       Current Status – Currently there are no any power failures happen in working days.

       Alternative arrangement should be D.G. set / Power saver batteries.

In case of alternative arrangement is not sufficient or still having a doubt that can action plan  should be need to prepared those actions are mentioned in action plan field. For those whole exercise needs to assign the duty to execute the works with target date to complete in line with action plan. In the last column explain the current status or action completion status to compliance of requirements of the contingency plan.


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