Cross functional teams (CFT)

Cross functional team (CFT), advantage for managing functions and process improvement.

Cross functional team is selected qualified peoples group from different functional skills for specific tasks.


Cross functional team is established for any specific tasks needs for managing internal requirement. The team is established by management to selection of qualified people group from various departments from different functional skills / experiences. It may include people from human resources, production, quality etc. departments’ employee is selected on base of experience and qualification.  Management is assigned duties and responsibilities to each member of cross functional team. Generally cross function team is established for specific task, on completion of task cross function team is demolish. But its all depends on management requirements and standing tasks with company to comply requirements of standards & management necessities. A Cross functional teams playing role in manufacturing, engineering or any type of industry. That needs to potential improvement and innovation process enabling knowledge sharing and process improvement by management approach.

The purpose of establishment of cross functional team to managing internal tasks by formed. By combing multiple to achieve organization targets and tasks that required for overall improvement of organization. The team members are selected on base of expertise on its own functions. That individual functional concern decisions are taken by team member. Without any needs to consult of concern management peoples, member can manage and handle the situation, issues or any type of activities independently.


Defining Scope for cross functional teams:

Cross functional team establishment and deployment in various areas or whole organization are not matter. The procedure helps to determine identify value of organizations and understand the business concern. Generally cross functional scope is managed before the establishment to comply requirements of the tasks, there some example is:

  • When the company needs to develop new product or parts / new materials, product development having requirements for cross functional teams. To verify, identify and conduct condition for improvement and reporting.
  • Company can also establish for supplier quality improvement. The part of vendor development is also important part that management can establish cross functional team. For improvement by supplier auditing & ranking, supplier internal management inspection and auditing for compliance of standards.
  • Quality cost is one of the important part of the cost center as well as directly impacting on quality of product. That this important task is also valuable for company to establish cross functional team for reviews, monitoring and controls over quality cost.

The above examples are generally conducting in small scale or middle scale industry and are practically works. The managing of each activity, and its concern practices are conducted by cross functional teams. As duties and responsibilities assigned during establishment of team.


Cross Functional Team Establishment

The top management had identified internal system requirements, resources requirements and system improvement. Tasks are conducted and determine improvement action plan. For the managing internal management system, manufacturing and supporting activities concern quality product & customer satisfaction. The top management is determining requirements of cross functional teams to provide system improvement tasks. And identify general requirements and specific requirements to managing and assignment of project tasks. The management is responsible of selection of peoples from various department with different functional and experienced. The top management shall assign responsibility to cross functional teams (CFT). With the involvement of internal management system. Or any improvement tasks as establishment of cross functional teams’ motive. The team shall include representative from various departments like production, quality, procurement, stores.  And some cases are also involved of customers as appropriate requirements.

Cross Functional Team Tasks

The cross functional teams are conducting assignments as per management provided specific tasks that can include various tasks that are considered as regular. The cross functional team shall conduct the product proposed designs, product development, customer concern services, product design and research and internal management system are general for cross functional teams or generally management practice to provide such tasks to teams established. But some specific tasks that can assign by management for overall improvement like quality costing and product quality accounting. Overall the purpose of the establishment of cross functional team to managing tasks by crosses functional teams, and effective implementation.


Implementation guidelines

Management considering effective management of most valuable resources of organization is peoples. implementation of any specific tasks or regular tasks are managed and responsibility assigned by management to cross functional teams defined from all level of management. In any tasks or activities, implementation or successful completion of any project. Management is playing important role that provides resources and response to arrangement of resource requirements and any project implementation permission. The cross functional team is also expecting from top management for permit to response positive & consent. The top management commitments are important for any tasks implementation. hence, they need and must be agreeable to assign required resources like manpower, financial support, statutory and regulatory requirements, information and concern services are major resources that needs.

Implementation guidelines – tasks

The cross functional team is strength  is information, cross functional team get greater scope information and the information. Which having should be very detailed, because the cross functional team is built by peoples who comes from various department & well experiences in on their fields. So the each function information are comes from various fields, that is very important & required part of cross functional team. That on each issues or query can immediate identify and provide solutions on group discussions. The implementation of various projects, needs to manage documentation for identify contingency as per project requirements. Basic plantation and compliance of project are matched with each team member’s experience and skill. See picture below given as example for skill chart that help to determine deployment of team member in the projects to successfully complete project tasks by individual involvement and contribution of each tasks.

See picture example:

Cross Functional team skill chart

Cross Functional team skill chart



Cross Functional Team Skill Development

As per cross functional team skill chart, management determine deployment of each team member as per selected project for implementation for cross functional team. CFT that assigned duties and responsibility for particular tasks to individual member. The planning for the project are managed and determine, develop by its own. Which disciplined frame work for project plan, resources, monitoring and controls are managed accordingly. Cross functional team is determining project plan and its structural planning against management. That include the vision and mission. How the mission will be implementation to achieve target goals and achievement on implementation of project plan. Where requirements of resources, defining milestones and integrated tasks are managed in the project management, that management is verify and approve required resource accordingly.