Information Technology Audit Checklist

Information Technology Audit Checklist

Information Technology Audit Checklist

  • Whether list of computer system with the details of installed / non installed software and hardware available?

  • –         Check list of number of Central Processing unit available?

  • –         Check list of installed / non Installed Monitors available?

  • –         Check list of networked computer list is available?

  • Whether proper Preventive maintenance schedule is available?

  • Check whether number of preventive maintenance activities taken up in the previous month?

  • Is there Standard Operating procedures are is defined? Deployed at work station? Is there SOP is covered preventive maintenance activities?

  • Does a training plan exist for system users?

  • –         Check whether number of training programs taken up in the past two months.

  • –         Check number of trainees / department wise participated.

  • E-waste generation & Disposal records are maintained? E-waste disposal are properly? Or is sent e-waste to authorized person?

  • Whether trend analysis on departmental objectives is done?

  • Whether continual improvement plan is available with IT department.

  • Whether revised documents are available? Revised documents are controlled with new revision date and number?

  • Check the previous internal / external audit findings status with evidence?

  • Whether proper complaint register is maintained?

  • Whether proper analysis reports are available for repeated complaints?

  • Stock of Hardware is available with department, unused / non working hardware is identified? List is available?

  • List of Software installation CDs are available? All installation packaged licensed is going expired?  Or Expiring installation package list is available?

  • Scanners / printers / devices list department wise is available?


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