write professional minutes of meeting format

Write professional minutes of meeting format


What is minutes of meeting?

Minutes of meeting is written document that is used to describes the information of “what happened during a meeting”. This document defines the information in brief about all discussed matters, identified solutions in meeting and what will next actions. Generally, peoples are asking the question, why this called minutes meeting? – Simple answer is “The meeting minutes are generally taken or recorded during the meeting so that participants have a record of what happened during the meeting. So that its specific word to dedicate this document”.

Minutes generally include:

  • General agenda
  • Details of discussion made by participants, includes point of views of each participant on any particular issue.
  • The follow-up actions, commitments and contributions of participants.
  • Pending points, due dates for the completion of any commitments.
  • Any other discussions, future plans, or event related.

The meeting writing tips

  • The best time to write the minutes of meeting is immediate after the completion of the meeting, or rest time during discussion between two points.
  • All the points must clearly indicate the subject, try to make the details in brief.
  • Try to avoid someone name, its business meeting doesn’t use words like who was said or what? etc.
  • Involve the reviews of whole meeting at end of document.

Minutes meeting format (Document)

It is very difficult to maintain records of various topics discussed in a meeting. Minutes of meeting is a way to maintain the records in single document. The records will helpful for any other purposes in the future. So, every details must be properly recorded, point to point and readable. Generally, management preparing a standard format for every document, off course for minutes of meeting too. Standard Minutes meeting format for education purpose, see below:

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Minutes of meeting Formats | Template


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