Safety accountability self assessment

Safety accountability self assessment

Safety accountability self assessment is the document for evaluate individual safety accountability by employee to improve safety system.


The document is provides system to individual employee can ensure and evaluate individual safety accountability by self assessment. The system allow to document control information for the safety accountability self assessment for the improvement of the internal safety system in the company. Through document employee can get the evaluation facilities safety accountability system, requirements and possibilities of improvement are possible. By evaluation, employee check the each sides, areas & points which are directly affecting safety system, and in case the employee fill that the safety accountability is not proper that possible to comment or suggest for the improvement safety accountability system. For the improvement of the safety accountability generally safety self assessment checklist is used, to conducting the checklist all the areas are checked point wise, in case the areas which is identified for the opportunity for improvement safety accountability there are mentioned separately. See picture below for reference:

Safety accountability self assessment checklist
Safety accountability self assessment checklist

The safety accountability self assessment checklist is conducted to evaluate facilities safety accountability system, the system its self improvement but the needs of the facilities and internal management has always conducting new opportunities & challenges, and each events should taken at places very important and by care, so its important for maintaining the effective safety management in the company by deployment of resources, manpower, training etc., should be effectively work at its places & on defined frequency management should taken evaluation of facilities for improvement, here as below some points that helps to understand the subjects and checklist points which are important for the internal safety accountability system:

  • Is there sufficient safety equipment, documents, resources allocated to establish, maintain and update an effective safety programs?
  • Is there proper training is provided for safety management, safety policies; for new employee is there any orientation training is arranged? Are safety policies and responsibilities discussed with each employee?
  • Is safety management concerns responsibilities shall included in employee job descriptions or any documents, writing documents are provided includes job responsibilities?
  • Whether effectiveness checked of safety system, is there any employee can explain what their responsibilities about safety system in the workplaces and with company.
  • Is there any safety system performance evaluation is conducted by performance review processes or any other documentation.
  • Is there safety requirements, values and expectations are openly discussed in meetings, safety committees and general meetings.
  • Is there daily walk sheet for safety concern is properly handled to monitoring on daily activities of peoples to ensure the personal protective equipment are used by each one.
  • All the documentations are maintained properly, instructions of machines, equipment safety used and manuals, tools and safety, chemicals, materials and its M.S.D.S. etc.., are maintained and ensure a safety system and working environment.
  • Is there hazardous materials, hazardous processes and activities are identified, ranked and controlled by engineering controls, substitutions or any management change?
  • Is there employees empowered to shutdown any operations, jobs or task during the working time in case any potential risk to working environment identified.
  • Is there peoples are trained, encouraged to reporting for near misses, incidents or any unsafe conduction?


On base of the documentations i.e. safety accountability self assessment checklist, team is conducting each point for the improvement, root cause analysis, sources of causes & reports for the non compliance filled by individual. Generally improvements are conducted on incidents, near misses and accidents, weekly walk sheet for safety audit and safety meetings are inputs for the improvement, but the safety accountability self assessment checklist is one of most important document that helps to improvement safety system.



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Safety Accountability self assessment checklist in word document



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