Statistical data analysis

Statistical data analysis

To establish a system for identifying needs for statistical data identification, controlling and verify process capability & characteristics documents implementation.

The purpose of the process is to proper identification of the statistical data requirements to proper documented process establishments & needs for the implementation of analytically data controlling and verification. A system for identification of needs for statistical various techniques to controls over the documented system. All the statistical techniques are establishment, controls and verification of process capability and product characteristics concern documents, process, data, analysis report etc, are appropriate identification is very important as well as implementation of statistical results by data analysis are controlled by systematically.

The process or procedure can apply to all the manufacturing process, products and its analysis documentation affecting the product quality & system, system should helps by applying manufacturing process & process analysis documents for the improvement in product quality and system to enhance process accuracy, maintain tolerances of the product requirements & support to technical requirements of the product.

Management concern peoples are identify the requirements of the statistical analysis and applicable to the operations, concern peoples should jointly responsible for statistical analysis improvement in operations, Concern peoples also responsible to identify needs for statistical analysis during any stage of the part of development, production or included system with the production.

Statistical data analysis is first step of the statistical analysis or techniques, on base of the collection of the data, data analysis for the applicable statistical requirements in process and process requirements to collection, analysis and identify applicability of statistical data, its depends on identification by internal peoples of the process owners.

Statistical Data analysis output use for:

  • Statistical Process Control
  • Apply statistical techniques in process, system
  • Implementation of statistical technique/ analysis in process, system
  • Monitoring / Control of cycle system

How to statistical data analysis conducted

Company collecting the data and information from the manufacturing process, supporting process & system to identification of the requirements for statistical analysis, data are collected & analysis to ensure the process or system needs for statistical techniques to improvement in processes and system, here as below some steps are need to takes for the statistical data analysis:

  • Company operation should review annually to establish the need for statistical techniques requirements on base of the current situation, process stages.
  • Requirements of statistical techniques, establishment, controls and verification of process capabilities, product characteristics should identify in radiance of customer, internal quality system requirements, all the reviews conduct by management to transparent the situation of the process & system cycle to decide statistical techniques or statistical analysis.
  • Management shall establish sampling plans for all incoming raw materials, in process and final inspection to conduct & material identifications for the improvement in process controls.
  • Data collections and analysis made base on the logical analysis and same will be monitoring and controlling on the experiences of the process concern.
  • For apply statistical techniques in the process that identification of trends are very important that should be included customer satisfaction ratio, supplier contribution in the system, previous conformity of the product and system etc., helps to apply the system in the process development & controls.
  • Data analysis shall prepare the documents which helps to identification and monitoring by graphical view / charts whenever required, concern peoples of the process should proper data collection and analysis by Pareto analysis of rejection records and monthly customer return etc, data is helps to identification of the requirement for the statistical techniques / analysis.

Statistical data Study monitoring

Statistical data study is base on collection of information, data from the production, manufacturing process base information which is conducted on the requirements of the process sequences and customer orders, each order and material, material sizes are conducted. Customers are focus on the product quality to center of the customer requirements that should be product dimensions, to considering the tolerances of the product dimensions analysis team taken study to identification of the requirements of statistical techniques, here as below given example of the statistical data study monitoring chart:

Statistical data study monitoring chart
Statistical data study monitoring chart

Statistical data study is conducted on the manufacturing process data, all the produced materials, after any process collection of data are randomly some samples are taken for the measurements, on base of the product dimension checking information are recorded in table format which is helps to identify the with the information match with cpk and Cp to find out the requirements of the statistical techniques.


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