Daily planning documentation

Daily planning documentation   Daily planning documentation established to managing job order, manufacturing processes, resources and manpower management.   Daily planning documentation system are prepared and deployed in system to managing each resources are available with manufacturing processes, prepared job order to tracking each customer orders and materials loaded in manufacturing processes, managing manpower at … Read more

Development planning process

Development planning process Development planning process is the preparation of structural plan and implementation accordingly to develop for compliance of application and its requirements. The purpose of the process is to describe development planning & concern activities related to all the activities that directly or indirectly concern with products and quality system that ultimate goal … Read more

Compliance planning sheet

Compliance planning sheet   Work Task – information of the work task, compliance planning for the work task. Start and end date of the work task and its planning for compliance. Communication – How to work task will be comply, what will be communication method for it. Process / Procedure – Well defined Process / … Read more

Production Planning Sheet

Production Planning Sheet   Date of Planning for the production Production Line – On which production line material is planned for the manufacturing. Location – Location of the production line / Unit to easier for tracking Product name and Size – Complete information of the product with its specific size if any need for the … Read more