Documents and records internal audit

Documents and records internal audit Documents and records internal audit and its processes are established to identify non-conformity in document system to ensure standard requirements are complied for internal management.   Documents and records internal audit is processes to identification of non-conformity against standard requirements of international standards or adopted standards for internal management system, … Read more

Management audit sheet

Management audit sheet   Visual / Document Audit and Audit Date – Selection of the type of the management audit it can be visual audit or document audit only, its may possible both type of audit has conduct. Date of the audit is also need to mention. Audited by and Signature – name of the … Read more

Water management Audit checklist points

Water management Audit checklist Points Are the source of water bore wells is closed on top sides, top cover is made form which material, if its made from iron that should be non corrosion and clean. All the areas should be cleaning and secure. Is there all pipe lines for water is maintained regularly to … Read more

Document Control Audit points

Document Control Audit points Are there quality policy & quality (company level, department objective) documented? Quality manuals are available? Operational procedures are documented? Whether electronic documents, soft copies of documents are properly stored? Frequently backup are maintained? Is the Quality manual & Quality procedures are addressing all relevant requirements and clauses as per quality standards? … Read more