Warehouse management system audit

Warehouse management system audit


Warehouse management system audit is process for identify non conformity of warehouse’s material handling, storage and movement controls and documents.


Warehouse management system audit procedure / process is conducted for identify non-conformity in the processes, activities of warehouse’s material handling, storage and movement controls that key processes of warehouse, and also conducted the outer processes like packaging and shipping which are part of warehouse management system. Warehouse management system is key process for the supply system that all materials are passed through warehouses hence its important to all parts, processes, activities and supporting machinery and equipments are properly audited, documentations of warehouses should be verified and audited to met standard methods and standard requirements.

Warehouse management system audit is managed by management and its responsibility to proper handled audit is management representative, all audit concern information, data collection, preparation of audit and schedule for audit are managed by management representative and selection of qualified auditors for conducting warehouse management audit are also arranged. Hence auditors’ responsibility is to conduct audit properly with all warehouse concern activities, processes and related areas are audit and identify non-conformity in the system for improvement and compliance of standard management system for warehouse. Auditors are conducting warehouse management system audit by some document which are prepared by management representative as per standard requirement of warehouse management system, the document which are used for audit by auditors is warehouse internal audit report where all concern information of audit is mentioned which prepared after the completion of audit, but during the audit process, auditors are used checklist format to conducting warehouse areas, checklist having all the points are mentioned which is required for complied in system, see picture below given as example format for warehouse management system audit checklist for education purpose:

Warehouse audit checklist
Warehouse audit checklist

Warehouse audit checklist is document which is used during audit process, as per warehouse audit checklist parts and processes of warehouse is conducted, schedules and programs, quantity processes, packaging etc., are conducted in checklist format. The system helps to auditor to just tick out and comment on required field that support to task in sequences of processes and warehouses areas’ processes. Some points of warehouse audit checklist are given for example which can be used in checklist for warehouse audit:

  • Is there warehouse receiving any incoming material slip or document from production, quality or any other department, what is the processes of incoming materials from other department, and document required to entering materials.
  • What is criteria or method to define and storage or different types of product, is there all products are separately deployed? How the process is done?
  • Is there labeling on the incoming, storage and handling products are identified? How labels are indicating products & categories? And how it verify?
  • Is there segregation is conducted by qualified engineer? What is the method or segregations? Reporting and documentation are established?
  • How the material stock, issues, inward, waste and other transitions are maintained? What types of documents are prepared by warehouse department?
  • What is the method of physical verification of stacked materials? And what is the frequency for it?
  • What are the methods / process for dispatching materials from warehouse? And documents are required? Is there all documents are evident?
  • Whether transportation evaluation is properly conducted? What is the system for it?
  • Stacked product required atmosphere is maintained in warehouse?
  • Is there improvement plan is available with department, what is the departmental objective? Peoples are aware of it?

Warehouse management system audit is completed on the filling checklist and audit report is prepared by auditor with final conclusions of audit. Warehouse management system audit is important for internal system of warehouse; during the audit in case any non conformity identified that all identified non conformity should be completed by warehouse authority in line with it.



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Warehouse audit checklist



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