How to write project planning? – Project Management

How to write project planning? – Project Management

What is project?

A Project is a combination of human and non human resources assembled together in a temporary organization to achieve a specific purpose.

The purpose and set of activities, which defines the project, distinguish one project from another. Thus a project can be simply defined as a one shot time limited, goal directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources. The success or failure of the project thoroughly depends upon the project management.

Project management

Project Management is concerned with defining project activities, maintaining their integrity, and ensuring that they are performed as desired within the allocated time and cost budgets using organizational and non organizational resources. Project management is necessary to ensure that a project is completed within the stipulated budget, within the allocated time and performs to satisfaction. The traditional forms of organization and management techniques are not suitable for managing project work effectively because of the distinctive characteristics of a project. Project Management is basically a broader term that takes into account various other aspects such as Project Planning and Project Coordination.

Project planning

Project Planning is a vital aspect of Project management and may be defined as a key managerial function which provides the means to cope with a complex, dynamic and ever changing environment. Planning provides the standards and guidelines needed for communicating, coordinating and controlling ongoing projects in the organization. Project Planning serves the following important functions:

  • Well defined objectives and policies are formulated to serve as a framework for the decisions to be made throughout the life of the project. The technical performance objective together with cost standards and time targets are specified.
  • The activities relating to the project to achieve the objectives are spelt out in detail.
  • The activities are properly scheduled and sequenced
  • The resources such as manpower, material and equipment are allocated to each of the activities on the basis of information available subject to revision at a later date when more information is available.
  • The time and cost required to accomplish each activity and to achieve the objective of the project are estimated.