How to manage customer property – Procedures & template

A Customer property procedure is systematic approach to identify and secure the property provide by customer for specific job on temporary use. The customer property may include the materials, products, resources, and documents. The organization have to return these property on completion of job that is calls “customer property”

What is customer property?

The materials, product or any resources providing by customer which return on completion of job is customer property.

  • All customer supplies product for re-works materials.
  • Customer supplied materials for finishing / for compliance any special processes on materials. Or the materials providing for finalize that is job work.
  • Drawing and data are also consider in customer property.
  • All the materials which is customer supplies should be take for inspection.
  • Tools, machinery, equipment, devices, instrument for measurement, involve in its require process on supplies product, or any kind of resources which return with materials.

Why need this document?

The customer property management process and its concern documentation are require for the managing all the supplies. That may needs to return or for finishing the materials should be properly under control environment. The control verification storage and its maintenance should be conduct properly. Manage this document, to ensure the product supply by customers are under fully controlled. As customer expectation to provides for incorporation in to quality best final product.

Identify and verify the customer property

Equipment, devices, instrument or any resources that provide for re-manufacture should be properly identify. Its details should record in appropriate document. Once the identification complete, it should be store at pre-define location.

All equipment information should input on the simply accounting stock control system. To easier for maintaining & update costing details by financial management. The concern manager should notify the customer of any discrepancies at the earliest opportunity. As well as all the resources provides like tools, equipment, devises etc., must be maintain in appreciate condition order. To ensure that processes meet the require standards, and any drive-able faults must be communicate to customer & actions agreed to resolve the issue.

How to proceeding the steps?

The materials / product or resources that receiving from customers should be well maintain. Its records should be properly maintain. Its product, materials or resources provide by customers are needs to verify against the customer orders receive.

Any product, materials or resources are lost, damage are or otherwise unsuitable for use shall be record with document. This verification does not absolve organization responsibility to provide acceptable customer supply product receive.

The documentation are maintain for receiving, maintain and returning to customer materials, product or resources are conduct and implement. Hence un-utilized materials and resources should be return on respective mode. This is the common processes or procedures for the documentation. The returning, communication and document activity for customer property.

Maintain Documents

The customer property management is conduct by general manager on receiving materials from customer. Its hold with facility until done the job. Hence the all responsibility of the customer property to maintain should be conducted properly and return as the same condition or fair use.

The documentation are maintain by general manager on receiving materials from customer. Its records are maintain & update on stages complete at facility. See picture below given as example format of customer property form fill out by general manager. Its complete when job is complete in line with customer requirements. Below picture provide for education purpose:


Customer property form
Customer property form

Customer property form template

The customer property form is document format use to recording information. It may help to manage stage wise progress of use in facility of customer property. The records are use as evidence of returning the materials to customer on completion of job.

The customer property form is fill out by general manager on start the job and receiving materials / product / resources from customers. Hence the general manager is responsible for maintain and return to customer. As well with fair use of provide for particular tasks or manage any requirement to support it. The documents are maintain & storage at general manager office. Its concern analysis are conduct accordingly for improvement facility.



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Simple customer property form



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