Business proposal

Business proposal

A business proposal is written format offer by a suppliers, manufacturer or service provider to customers.

As you’ll know well about business proposal is document and standard formatted documented offer to customer for various requirements and purpose, here we discuss about standard business document framework that help to prepare standard documents that is business proposal.

Business case document framework

Business case document framework is managed to documentation of business concern in structural formats to easier for managed & implementation.

Business case document framework are standards system format that used for managing documents with business standards system that help to determine and formatting each document with systematic and structural framework that easier for implementation in the business cases, the documentation are managed according to business requirements, standards system requirements & structure of business are considered to making and implementation purpose. The documentation are managed of business, as business case document framework to manage records of each activity required in the business concern, the project manager is manage all the records concern the its project that business case document are managed as per project wise or to merged multiple projects as business case documents, the framework is help to manage each required information, implementation and requirements of projects that business case document framework managed accordingly and its became specific for each project are under orientation.

Business case document framework are established by business manager or project manager, and responsible for all activity concern activity of business case requirements, the documentation are managed by manager for recording and implementation with analysis each documents to identify requirements, and implementation to reviews the records and documentation references. The documentation are managed as per requirements, see picture below given as example format of business case template is provided for education purpose:

Business case template
Business case template

Business case template format is used to manage information of business concern, the project concern information are managed in detailed to easier for framing records in formatting system. The business case template of specific template that used to recording information of business like project details, the purpose of the documentation and the entire business case is managed in document. The document describe the project background details like the method of formation and levels of documentations and approvals, general issues of businesses, explanation of business opportunity, condition, problems and issues and how to improve the each activity and actions that managed to considering requirements of business. The part of the format is strategy is important to managing and addressing opportunity in the required for business and mentioned strong part of the business resources available. The issues and risks, costing of business and other concern important information are needs to fill for compliance of requirements.

Let’s understand how to prepare, business proposal and how to fill the information in it. here as below picture show the general business proposal format:

Business proposal
Business proposal

A business proposal is written format offer by a suppliers, manufacturer or service provider to customers. Business proposal is important document for supplier through provide information, quotation of the product and services to customer, business proposal should be complete informative base offer that all the concern requirements, prices and terms & conditions are need to incorporate, so customer can get the idea about supplier’s offer and also possible to compare requirements against offer of supplier.

How to write a business proposal?

A business proposal format is structural offer that mostly written for to major requirements of business – product and services, generally companies are consider service as product that is not issue, but all the concern information of the business proposal should be clear and transplant to customer can easier to identify your offer. For understand how to write business proposal example format given as below:


  1. Business proposal can be two types – Product and services, if the services are serve as product that is no issue.
  2. Proposal submitting part is need to little highlight where customer name and address are mentioned, because we are addressing to customer for business proposal.
  3. Detailed information of the proposal giving to customer, each point should be meaning full, don’t write too much to creates confusion, write state as requirement of customer.
  4. Offer is on base of the product specifications and estimates of the compliance of the requirement of customer
  5. Description of product or services is conclusion of whole offer to possible direct point out by customer.
  6. In most cases, if the offer is industrial requirements that possible to directly or indirectly concern to regulatory and statutory requirements that need to fully compliance by customer as well as supplier that all the points should be clear in offer to customer get idea what is the government low is applicable on product or services which going to provide by supplier.
  7. General terms and conditions – terms and conditions are depends on the products and services, it’s a all establish and maintain by company own values.
  8. In note for offer are merge all the concern issues, suppliers’ extra effort in project and support if required to complete project information can mention.

A Business proposal establish communication between supplier and customer directly that should be making first impression on customer, hence it should be valued for supplier that need to make sober and valuable that customer get the correct information at right place. Here as below given sample format for business proposal:












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