7 effective ways to implement change control in organization

7 effective ways to implement change control in organization The purpose of procedure is to define all processes to covered & controlled all kinds of changes affecting the product quality. The consider requirements of internal management system during defining / considering scope of the processes / procedures that should be covers the all changes in … Read more

Control parameter

Control parameter Control parameter established, observe and controlling are possible for the particular application that product are used for any application having specific requirements should be match to application suitable. Controls parameters are very important for the supplier that customers are depends on the products are supply with quality & quality is the main pillar … Read more

Electric motors record sheet

Electric motors record sheet Electrical department are well aware of the electrical motors is very important part of the machine / equipment that need to cleaning lubrication inspection and tightening frequently time defined in preventive maintenance schedule of motors. Machine wise electric motors record list, history and all concern details are recording by the electrical … Read more

Engineering charge review report

Engineering charge review report To consider basic functions of engineering requirements, engineering changes on drawing, developments are comes on regular basic, its all are natural requirements of engineering planning, most of inventions are success on trial & run basic that needs to changes, modifications and alteration on engineering parts for success. Engineering changes are basic … Read more

How to do controls, if any changes made by Customers?

Product / Process Change control The process product / process change controls are established to deployment of controls over activities expected change in order by customers. How to do controls, if any changes made by Customers?   Mostly in industry when any products are regular supplies are no issued, but if any changes are made … Read more