Kaizen reviews documents

Kaizen reviews documents   Kaizen reviews documents are establishment needs to collecting information of kaizen status, requirements & improvement of stages by reviews kaizen process.   In the manufacturing processes and its supporting activities that engaged to producing materials as per standards requirements, to considering quality requirements and as per customer technical requirements, and during … Read more

Kaizen Audit Form

Kaizen Audit Form   Kaizen project name – Name of description of the project for the kaizen. Date of Audit – Date of audit conducted for kaizen documentation and project implementation. Auditor – name of Auditors Auditee – List of Auditee Scope of Audit Name of process and name of product – As the scope … Read more

Material Control form

Material Control form   It is very necessary to monitoring on the stock of the materials to controlling on the incoming material and inventory that cost effective planning help to monitoring and controlling on activities / movement of the materials that controlled through measurable controlling parameters and its requirements.   Material control form is help … Read more

Key performance indicator Format

Key performance indicator format     What is key performance indicator? Or   What is KPI?   Or   Key performance indicator definition   Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a presentation of organization’s measurable key objective   Key performance indicator (KPI) through management executes decisions, action plan for improvement & enable to possible target to … Read more

Shift Schedule Machine wise Planning

Shift Schedule Machine wise Planning Company’s owners much interested to listen machine’s loud as I personally experienced & why not take interest that machine is heart of the industry, production peoples having dozen of challenges comes against machines and other concerns, but well planned machine operating is almost major problems can be solve, As per … Read more

Continual Improvement report (Departmental)

Continual Improvement report (Departmental) As we discussed in previous article about continual improvement & continuous Improvement. Here we talk about the departmental continual improvement. Departmental Continual improvement recording is individual departments are improving in any activity, machine, machine’ part / process or system as improvement with monitoring and controlling on activities or process that concern … Read more

Maintainability & Reliability Calculation Sheet

Maintainability & Reliability Calculation Sheet Controlling on “06 M” for the management is most important M is Machine, Productivity, Profits & company finance are depends on machinery that installed over plant, that is the reason management are focus on machine & its operator for the gives accurately performance over the year. Conducting the machine’s cleaning … Read more

Supplier Quality Rating report format

Supplier Quality Rating report   Supplier quality checking is primary requirements to comply the requirements of our customers, if supplier’s provided consumable goods that quality weak mean customer always facing problem with machine breakdowns, early replacement, bad working conditions, performance and utilization of the machine can be reduce due to material or part that is … Read more

Supplier corrective action report format

Supplier corrective action report format According to International Standards supplier chain awareness & development, increase productivity can effects positive on the quality that is delivering, financial chip product can possible to deliver by suppliers, ISO TS 16949 international standards also recommend the supplier chain that need to update regular basic, evaluation of each supplier for … Read more

Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices Flow

Control of Monitoring & Measuring Devices Flow A.  Identification of monitoring and measuring devices required for assessing and providing conformity of product. A. 1 Prepare list of devices with identification, make, range, least coount, accurancy etc.. dtails A. 2 Ensure calibraiton of devices at competant / approved laboratory with trace ability to national / international … Read more