Continual Improvement report (Departmental)

Continual Improvement report (Departmental)

Continual Improvement report (Departmental)
Continual Improvement report (Departmental)

As we discussed in previous article about continual improvement & continuous Improvement. Here we talk about the departmental continual improvement. Departmental Continual improvement recording is individual departments are improving in any activity, machine, machine’ part / process or system as improvement with monitoring and controlling on activities or process that concern to system approach.

Continual Improvement report is the evidence of the each steps are taken for the improvement, records are very important for the continual improvement, each stage of the improvement are reflecting second next stage of improvement, department peoples are interface after the single improvement activity for the further improvement in single step of improvement is taken by department.

See the above picture for the basic understanding of the continual improvement report, for the dept step knowledge lets see the fields of the reports as below:

Continual Improvement In Practice / Processes / Resources : fields are indicates the stages of improvements are taken on base of, do you have any process that you support or gives a requirements of improvement or resources that indicate you to need for the further improvements? All the improvements are never done automatically; there are some reasons that need to identify a field out in this Coolum.

Area of the improvement: fields are important for the report, makes a deep information in this column, reason that you takes the inspiration from the improved area that you improvements are done, in the huge organizations possible for the inter department having a various long divisions list.

Action Taken:  Very important of the actions as continual improvements are taken for the particular identified area for the improvement or enhancement. Each actions are describe with deep details, who?, when?, where?, how?,  all the information, clearly & easier for understand by reader. Information of the actions taken will be inspirations & possible the same actions will be need as impact on other departments as improvement that clear and easy steps by step action report will be help in future.

Benefit of the Improvement: Benefits of the improvement is not need to field descriptions but I give the hints why this field is required in report, in the business organizations, management are provides resources with ultimate of the profits / benefit for the organization as well as self profit, Business owner must ask for the improvement expenses that are spend for the steps are taken for improvements. Benefit field give the idea what will achieve from the actions of continual improvement we taken in particular area or parts.

You can download readymade format for the departmental continual improvement report format:

Download Departmental Continual improvement report format in excel sheet

Continual improvement report in word format / PDF Format / Excel Format / JPEG

Continual improvement report description / Examples / Samples / Template

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