Job task initial progress documents

Job task initial progress documents   Job task initial progress documentation is established to ensure activities, progress & direction of job properly conducted & identification of resources requirements.   Job task initial progress documentation is established by general manger for particular job to ensure progress of job where all the tasks are properly conducted, direction … Read more

What is gauge evaluation?

What is gauge evaluation?     Gauge evaluation is to identification of errors in measurement, variability and accuracy by observation & determines measurement system.   Gauge evaluation is conducted to identification of errors and mistakes of the regular use gauges that part of the measurement system are used in quality assurance and quality control department, … Read more

Packaging Evaluation Report

Packaging Evaluation Report   Packing can raised the image of the company reputation; mostly companies are trying to increasing the packaging materials, attractions and strengths of the packing material to enhance customer satisfaction and safety of the materials. On base of the packaging materials all the packaging directions are depends when the packaging materials are … Read more

Customer Satisfaction Feedback form

Customer Satisfaction Feedback form     For the each organization, customer satisfaction is ultimate goal & same you can see the all international standards are focus on the customer satisfaction. Each company is expecting customer satisfaction ration gone up higher each year but how to do it? Way is survey, customer satisfaction form is a … Read more

Appointment of Management Representative for IMS

Appointment of Management Representative for IMS This is for the information for all concerned that Mr. Andry Smith has been appointed as the Management Representative to facilitate establishment and maintenance of IMS (Integrated management System: ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001: 2015) of our organization. The responsibility and authority of Management Representative shall include: … Read more

Statistical Techniques

Statistical Techniques Statistical Techniques is method by collecting data & analyze for identifying needs   Simply, this technique used for identify needs through collection of data from the process, Analysis on those data by systematic way. How to identify & implement?    Quality task is needs to quality peoples shall  be overall responsive behave for … Read more

Dimensional inspection Report

Dimensional inspection Report   Dimensional inspection is one kind of sample testing that concentrate on dimensions of the material and dimensional tolerance as defined as criteria of acceptance.   Dimensional inspection reports are generate for the sample testing on various level that can be basic samples testing of dimension, in between randomly taken samples from … Read more

Measuring instrument / gauge rejection report

Measuring instrument / gauge rejection report   For testing instrument and gauges calibration is primary requirement periodically, during the calibration process some measuring instrument and gauges found faulty that immediately its should be remove from the instrument used and same will be report for the rejection note to confirm the measuring instrument or gauges are … Read more

APQP Timing Chart

APQP [ Advance Product Quality Planning ] Timing Chart   Advance product quality planning timing chart is monitoring evaluation of the project total time taken in activities, timing chart help to estimate duration of each activity and tracking each progress in expected time frame.   APQP time chart is very important requirements which we start … Read more

Process FMEA Checklist

Process FMEA Checklist         Was the process FMEA prepared using the International motor vehicle manufacturer’s  guidelines? Have all operations affecting fit,function,durability,governmental regulations  and safety been identified and listed sequentially? Were similar part FMEA’s considered? Have historical campaign and warranty data been reviewed? Have appropriate corrective action been planned or taken for high risk priority … Read more