Control parameter

Control parameter

Control parameter sheet

Control parameter established, observe and controlling are possible for the particular application that product are used for any application having specific requirements should be match to application suitable. Controls parameters are very important for the supplier that customers are depends on the products are supply with quality & quality is the main pillar of customer relations.

Control parameters mainly cover the below fields:

  1. Process stage
  2. Checking parameters
  3. Frequency
  4. Control type

Control parameters can be products, process or machine that multiple controlling are required for the provide good quality material to customers, through control parameter supplier are monitoring and controlling process stages that material is pass with expect the parameters are maintain as required to quality product manufactured. Process stage wise control parameters are predefined as per process requirements, each process having its own parameters and all the observations and controlling method can be possible to different.

Checking of process stage, product, machine parameters are respective work that defined as per process stage wise parameter are maintained or not to ensure the maintained parameters effective for output quality product.

For the each application having its individual requirements and its parameter can be different, all parameter should be defined, inspected, for the parameter checking and inspection frequency need to defined and same should be act at movement, frequency is defined as per requirement of parameters.

Control type field of the format is single requirement that which type of the control are required for the maintain control parameter, controls can be visual, engineering or any other type.


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