How to ensure product dimensional stability and close product tolerance

How to ensure product dimensional stability and close product tolerance.


Dimensional stability process managed to ensure product dimensional constancy during manufacturing processes to provide close product tolerance to customers.


Dimensional stability- Why?

dimensional stability process is establish by quality assurance team. The purpose of dimensional stability process is to compliance of quality requirements with product which is delivering to customers. And during managing quality tests for improvement of product quality though dimensional tolerances as required as specific characteristics. To managing product standards, customer technical requirements during manufacturing processes. The team is handle processes, to ensure that the product dimensional constancy should be maintained. The product stability should be as per customer requirements, technically fulfilled and comply requirements of end application. Dimensional stability process managed by quality assurance by laboratory peoples, quality assurance team is managed product to conducting frequency monitoring of samples. In-process inspection processes that manage requirements of technical as well as customer specific requirements.

How to managing in regular tasks?

Dimensional stability verification and testing process is conducted on base of the standard requirements. The product specification are considering for the verification of the product by quality engineers. The product standards dimensions are managed as product specific method and dimension required as end application. And quality engineers are verify dimension as customer provided technical details. International standards references are important for matching and improvement of product quality are consideration required.

Some time customers are expecting dimension which are little different than standard product dimension that need to extra care for production line. As well as quality team for maintaining stability of product dimensions. Quality team is considering product dimensions during various testing for parameters of product dimensions to accurate reading, close tolerance verification. Identify variations / deviation in the product dimension as random sampling, in-process online samples are general or regular product for quality team.

Dimensional stability verification process

The dimensional stability verification process is conducted as per standard requirements of quality inspection. generally the verification and inspection is managed as per product standard requirements. Customer specific requirements for quality testing. And close tolerances and product dimensional stability requirements for end applications. The frequency of inspection process, verification and testing is managed by quality team. To conduct required parameters as per standards and actual product dimensions.

The team is verify initial measurement of product dimensions. There are conducted various tests two to three time to ensure that the product dimensions are maintained requirements of tolerances and stability. Quality team is verify each actions, activities and inspection processes. Established required documents for recording and sustain best practices in manufacturing facility.

Dimensional stability report

See picture below given example format of dimensional stability report. This can handle all required information to manage and sustain quality processes of dimensional stability verification. below format given for education purpose only:


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Dimensional Stability

Dimensional stability report

Dimensional stability report format is use for recording information of quality inspection. Verification and testing of product dimensions to ensure the product stability as per customer requirements. Technical and standard requirements during producing materials. The manufacturing facility is conducting quality instructions, requirements & reviewed by quality team is handling for improvement of product quality. Dimensional stability tests & its achieve results are managed for product improvement, quality team is handle records and discuss with management, production peoples and concern authority to managing each activity during manufacturing processes, and handling standard dimensions accurately.

First Published: Sunday, November 22, 2015.