Hazardous waste generation / disposal register

Hazardous waste generation / disposal register

Hazardous Waste generation & Disposal Register

In the organization, some processes generate emission that harmful for human body & environment, emissions some categories are consider in red type mean high categories of hazard that not acceptable to dump on the land or any where in public place, those hazardous materials / waste are need to treatments and dump at site which treat on the hazardous material for the fertilizers or treat with other used.

Hazardous material generates from the various process or any single process that also properly storage at the company specific room and storage at factory rule / government rules and guideline from the industrial acts that governments are declare for the follows strictly by industry which is emissions are generate from the process.

Waste that is very high critical hazard categories are need to stock at industry special storage room and send to authorized agency which is government approved for the collection of the hazardous waste and disposal as per government hazardous waste disposal procedure.

Now what is company duty for hazardous waste generation & disposal process? Company has to register those agency which are collecting the generated hazardous waste, contact those agency and send the materials as instructed by agency and same will be record should be maintain for the hazardous waste generation with disposal that is sending process are need to carryout by industry.

For the this process need to register that is hazardous waste generation / disposal register which is used for the recording all the types of the hazardous waste generation permission are granted from the pollution control board.

In the consent that is permission of the processes are given by pollution control board, if any regulations or instructions are miss by organization, pollution control board has authority to lock out that organization with single notice. So in case of the industry are generating hazardous categories material generate that must need a consent permission from control board.

this format can be used for the materials are in solid form which is hazardous category that ready made format for the hazardous waste generation / disposal register are available for download.


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