Near Miss report

Near Miss report

What is near miss? – Definition of Near Miss

A near miss is a potential hazard or incident that has not resulted in any personal injury or Environmental Impacts due to incident.

 Near Miss Report

A near miss is an incident that had not any personal injury or environment impacts are noted but it may cause injury in case due to following reasons are identify during the investigations, those reasons are responsible and need to improvement for the eliminate such near miss happened. Reasons can be for near miss as below:

  1. unsafe act
  2. Unsafe equipment
  3. unsafe condition
  4. unsafe use of equipment

Near miss is alarm for the future accident, if is it not taken any action for the eliminations the situation whatever it was that can clause critical issue and accidents that can be fetal harm can possible. That is the reason that near miss reports are need to fill up and investigate on those incidents that happened within company premises,  those incident’s investigation through identify hazards that is real picture of the conditions are stand up, management can get the idea about the real reason of incident.

On base of the near miss records, management are decided to changes that can be engineering changes, training or any other ways to eliminate possibility of accident & not only management responsible, but everyone’s responsibility to report and / or correct these potential incident immediately, to see the importance of near miss report, here available ready made for the near miss report for download.


Download Near miss report format in word document format

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