How to ensure quality of inspection results and reports

How to ensure quality of inspection results and reports


The purpose of procedure provides structural guidelines to assuring quality of inspection results.


The procedure is prepared & established  by to provide guidelines for assuring quality of inspection procedures, results and documentation are conducted properly and results are acceptable as per quality system requirements. The product quality verification and assurance is depends on the quality inspections / tests that needs to properly conducted by qualified quality inspectors as procedures deployed by quality department and adopted based of international standards of product. The system should be properly managed, test results,  inspection procedures conducted by inspection team and the results is accurate should be verified to provide assurance to customers for product quality is manufactured / produced during various processes are maintained standards system requirement, technical requirements & specifications and end applications requirements are ensured by assuring quality of inspection results to deploy proper system. The procedure is managed & can apply in all the activity of the quality department & related to with quality concern activity, inspection process in organization. The process of assuring quality of inspection results is not limited for particular process, but it connected with activity that directly or indirectly affecting product quality, quality documentation, product standards and process sequences & interactions interconnected activity where all laboratory, quality testing areas and production stages where in-process inspections & testing are conduct.


The procedure creation to assuring quality of inspections results is responsibility of quality manager along with laboratory manager & quality engineers for follow up of procedures established within concern activity, quality inspection areas and laboratory. All the quality department’s personnel, technical staff, quality engineers & quality management team should follow the procedures, guide to each workmen and operators. The management is also responsible to provides resources, working environment & hygiene to each employee for comfort to performing tasks provided by quality manager to each employee. The assuring quality of inspections results are managed as quality manager provided and assigned duties & responsibility to each employee, the quality inspection team is conducting testing and inspection processes are performing as arrangement & guidelines provided by manager, hence the well organized job responsibility and duties assignment is significant part to conducting quality processes, each employee should be performing as assignment & role in system.


How to assure quality of inspection results?

The procedures, process and work instructions are established to considering references of international standards for managing quality requirements and assurance of inspection results, the goal of quality procedures to assure quality of inspection results are providing reliance & satisfactions on each delivered product to customers. The procedure for assure quality of inspection results are conducted by proper monitoring and controls systems, documentation procedures that help to collecting inspection results, data recorded in such a way that graphs, trends graphical views etc.., are detectable and where practicable information are managed, and quality tools and technical can be apply to manage procedures like statistical techniques are helpful to reviews of records of achieved results. The standards processes to ensure the inspection process and results of the product quality are as below:

  • The raw materials, bill of materials and concern supporting materials used for producing materials should be used if the materials had complied requirements of international standards, approved and certified reference materials and also recommended and referred by internal quality control team as on absent of regular materials to manage materials in manufacturing processes.
  • To provide assurance to customers about product quality that ensure through proper quality inspection processes, tests results are managed by qualified quality inspection teams, and for selection and deployment of quality inspection team are need to manage evaluation of each quality inspector individual. The participation in internal department evaluation of each inspector and verification of skill of testing and conducting quality tasks that proficiency testing programs should be established & arranged for quality department.
  • Some materials or product are used as important part of end application that need to proper ensure on each test conducted during the quality inspection processes, to making a sustain procedure for test should be replicate tests using the same of different standard methods, analyzing the test results to ensure that tests and its results are current as per materials and also the test should be conduct to booked materials.
  • Analysis of data collected from various processes of quality, the records managed like correlation and other analysis results for different attribute of materials / product.


Reference materials


The materials which are certified and complied requirements of international standards clauses & product standards and technical requirements to used as regular in manufacturing and supporting process for producing materials for maintain and improvement of quality of product. The materials used in manufacturing should be properly tested with all required parameters, requirements of customers required characteristics as well as international acceptable standards materials needs to used in production lines for maintaining product quality to assurance of quality product. The certified materials should be used in manufacturing processes, and verify the accuracy work in each stage of manufacturing. In case the materials used in the manufacturing needs for the secondary materials should be properly verified, quality inspected & all tests should be conducted on the materials and than materials used in process.


Inter comparison & expertise analysis


The management should be needs to arrange test program for the verification of the capability, experiences and knowledge about the product standards, product technical requirements and quality inspection and testing concern, the program should managed standard proficiency testing to ensure that the product tested by person is conducted by proper and its results will reliable. The quality department also needs to conducted and help of inter comparison, quality department and quality of product knows the efficiency and accuracy of quality of product in company. The quality department should be planning for the improvement of training and skill program.


Standards, Method and analysis


The product quality inspection and testing are conducted on based on product standards and its technical requirements, and its quality testing and inspection process managed according to method which is acceptable & certified for conducting processes of quality testing, where all the standards requirements are managed in method are need to implement in quality department, and same the process should be conducted. In case any inspection process, test or parameter is critical that should be replicate test should be conduct to ensure the product quality, in case the product testing materials are new, changed or on trial that enough trials should be perform test in replicate until show accurate results. The methods should be static and perform accurately to conducting product inspection and test process, and also the records should be gathering from test laboratory, study of results is used to know the repeatability performance & accuracy of testing materials.


Correlation & analysis – Evaluation


Correlation is conducted to ensure that the measurement devices, measuring instruments, equipment and other materials that used in the quality inspection processes are working accurately, and time slab that used to in quality inspection process, the analysis of those instruments are help to determine and disposal of such materials and instruments through out from quality processes to ensure the product quality and its inspection processes and concern materials are conducted properly and accurate. To maintaining quality inspection processes, the correlation of results for different characteristics of materials can be performing. To understand the better the process of correlation, and analysis of information for the materials and instruments used in quality processes, see picture below:

See example format:


Correlation study report template

Correlation study report


The correlation study report help to determine replacement of equipment are used in quality department for various inspection processes, the replacement decision is taken on based on correlation study of equipment and those equipment are mostly used in measurement of product that should be accurate and reliable hence the study is conducted for as frequency defined by management to conducting correlation study. The part of correlation study is manage according equipment self life, and the part of study manage on it like each three month equipment is verified accuracy of equipment those used in various product dimensions, parameters and other product standards requirements. The correlation study is part of equipment evaluation.


Verification & Documentation


The documentation of quality controls and quality assurances are should be verified routinely check as procedures, guidelines and processes implementation conducted and supervise on working regularly as documented procedures. Verification and documentation should be involved top to bottom peoples and responsible on prime role of quality controls and quality assurance manager as well as lean personnel for any concern improvement, corrective and preventive action as and when required, same the analysis and study should be conducted, maintained & update at locations as achieved results & implementation program and results. The required documents are managed to maintain records of activity conducted in quality department, the inspection processes, results, and analysis documents are managed as documentation system.