Knowledge management – Important tools for business

Knowledge management is business concept for dealing systematic organized structure of existing sources to best use for continual improvement of organization.


Knowledge management is well plan organizational concept that deals with the company regular tasks. It may include improvement tasks, routine processes that organization can make the well structural planning. To proper use of its existing knowledge. The knowledge management concept is start in the business new ideas and open windows of business improvement.

To understanding stages, inputs from experts and knowledge existing with organization are involves the systematic and structure process of managing business requirements and system. That help to dissolve, isolate any issue through every serious program of This tool. The business concepts for this too is manage the general management requirements and improve.

About the concept of this tool

It is by applying this concept in regular tasks like business ideas, internal management systems. The processes, manufacturing and supporting processes, management concepts, engineering & design expertise, customers and concern relative systems. The information, industrial trends, quality improvement etc.

But the management should be identify the knowledge sources to monitoring of individual to put together the best expert to making a team. The inputs of this concept can be many ways that open suggestions, group meeting or any expert team can build for overall improvement.

Knowledge management should be properly manage to each concern personnel should be easily access the information require. Every piece of organization information becomes readily available to everyone within the organization who could use. It is for organization growth, the way of sharing information can any media. But empowering people to seamlessly share information, knowledge as the skill develop.

Components Knowledge management

There are some main parts of the knowledge management are:

  1. Employee who having the knowledge, skilled which can help to managing tasks, improvement to overall company goal. Who keep the knowledge and apply it in various level of the management as company expect. Or as employee wish to manage the tasks accordingly to get the result as knowledge accordingly.
  2. Processes are important for the knowledge management that how the existing knowledge with any employee, group or any sources. That create to visible on any media, storage of the creation. Its organization are also part of the knowledge management process parts that should be organize well to easier for distribution of knowledge as and when require.
  3. Information distribution / sharing / media which are part of facts and piece of information data. That people apply as knowledge in various tasks, processes and its requirements. The information and its distribution media should be well define to easier for access for every concern.

In the knowledge management, the important tasks is to well organizational structural process build up and leadership organization’s culture. That may encourage the employee to participate in knowledge management programs and share the knowledge in its own expertise. The processes should establish on base to drive the basic. As well as advance frame work for this too to organize information lots to grow standards for organization processes.

Knowledge management format

The documentation for managing records of knowledge management and its concern processes. See picture below given as example format. That use to recording and organize knowledge management to individual information setup. Below picture provide for education purpose only:

Knowledge management
Knowledge management


The knowledge management processes and its concern stages are manage by concern authority. To provides comfort platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, improvement & enhance better efficient working places. Environment to utilization of resources to help & guideline use for knowledge management. The documentation management system should manage to merge knowledge management system. To conduct as the part of system for well educate peoples, sustain the regular tasks to incorporate it by default.



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Knowledge management



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