5S Corrective Action Report

A 5S corrective action report is document use to proceeding actions to eliminate defects from the product or process. This report may includes a non-conformance details, root causes and solutions for each one.

5S Corrective action report

 5S Corrective Action Report

Overview to 5S Corrective Action report

5S Corrective Action raised from 5S quarterly, half yearly or yearly audits. That may be works on base of company personal manual structures & Procedures. Basically international system are assign some audit criteria for bifurcation in some parts as full nun confirmation. Its called non conformity (N.C.) , Improvement opportunity (I/O ) and Third one is confirm that short as (C).

In case of any non conformance founds during audit, it should be clear N.C. as usual shows in internal system. To correction are taking on base of some reports that cover the major issues, problems & its causes that need to be identify & shoot out as corrective actions. Corrective action report basic fundamental is find the root cause of the problem raise. Why – why analysis may help you to find the area where non conformity found by auditors during workplace audit.

How to use 5s corrective action report?

5S Corrective Action report should be clear with full of details to easier to find the root cause of the area that easy determine improvement, systematic documentation of 5S Corrective action report. Description of non conformity, Area that non conformity found, what was the time, where on the machine, how was the situation etc., should be merged in details in it.

Each report having some time bound to completion of the working capital function, on primary base are considering a present status, Target data & target for some level which has to be achieve, real completion on as target date are filled.

What to include in 5S corrective action report?

In beginning of the 5S activity started, 5S leaders, Zone leaders & support team should be demonstrate to fill the areas need to implement 5S. 5S corrective action reports also need to details of leaders & member are working around area that action needs.

5S Corrective action report focuses on the most areas are:

  1. Details are Non conformity.
  2. Targeting / Schedules follows
  3. Follows Standards & Analysis/ Special report like.. Pareto chart or others Analysis
  4. Root cause & 5W & H method
  5. Required corrective actions, preventive actions & impacts.
  6. Scandalize whole process & Procedures.

Stability / Reliability of the corrective action always gain benefit of the areas which non conformity rise, reason that impacts, preventive action are avoiding any major issues can be raised in future &  it is also help to those area are not audited or audited area also effects or mistakes, lake of information during audit or real cases that skipped but unacceptable situation can be elevate on those area team focus on the situation of steps are matches or can imaging that those area can also make a same situation in future as where non conformity founded.




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