Safety inspection checklist for Storage Tanks

Safety inspection checklist for Storage Tanks

Safety inspection checklist for Storage Tanks

  1. Have any cracks, corrosion or other damage on the outside surface of tanks?

  2. Are there any leakage / cracks / corrosion of pipelines, valves and other parts?

  3. Do storage tanks sink? Is there equipment malfunctions?

  4. Are there any structural and function faults? Does actual operation method comply with the operation procedures?

  5. Are the tank and the surrounding areas clean and neat?

  6. Is Storage tanks structure stable?

  7. Is there any cracks or damages are found? Repair it immediately in case found.

  8. If there is rain water in storage tanks? It should be promptly removed,

  9. Is there affect found due to rain water? Affect the storage tank capacity for holding chemicals.

  10. If there is a leakage of chemicals into the Storage Tanks, it shall be promptly cleaned up, and can not be stored in the Storage tanks for a long time.

  11. Is there any overflow evidences are found at storage tanks? Check the records to match any over flow happen if not evident physically. Overflow of storage tanks can cause accident, well instructions notes & Sign boards should be properly deployed at storage tank area

  12. Is there any work instruction is deployed for storage tanks, chemicals loading / unloading? Peoples are follows it?

  13. Is there peoples are aware for M.S.D.S of chemical which storage on its area? Or operator of storage tanks should be must aware of M.S.D.S. of chemical.


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