Safety Inspection walk sheet

Safety Inspection walk sheet

 Safety Inspection walk sheet

Safety inspection walk sheet is walking inspection, checking activities of department process, find out unsafe conditions, unsafe equipment, unsafe activities as same as environmental issues within department which inspector doing inspection.

Safety inspection walk sheet is daily, weekly, half monthly or monthly activities that within the department primacies, inspector are investigate the each activities, each parts of the department that reflect clauses requirement to concern safety, health or environmental requirements as per international standards ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 – Environment health & Safety.

In safety inspection walk sheet, inspector observer the department activities and process to identify unsafe / risk / hazardous / aspect to harm human body or environment, those observations are mentioned in safety inspection walk sheet, management representative or management peoples are read those observations and implement / eliminate process / hazardous / aspects from the process or equipment which is harm full for humans or environment.

Departmental managers, supervisors, workmen all are responsible to gives feedback; acknowledge unsafe conditions / hazards / aspects or any term that reflects the requirements of environment health & safety requirements.

In the management review meeting, daily safety inspection walk sheet points those are still pending and critical that need to discuss with prime requirements and same will be indicate in hazard identification risk assessment {HIRA) register to find out the controls on the activities / hazards / aspect by eliminates / substitute or minimize risk level which is possible on immediate actions.

To see the requirements and importance of the safety inspection walk sheet for comply the requirements of environment health & safety system, here ready made format for safety inspection walk sheet is available in excel sheet format for download as below:

Download safety inspection walk sheet in excel sheet format

Safety inspection walk sheet formats template / examples / samples / definition


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