Technical Improvement sheet

Technical Improvement sheet   Technical Improvement project code that all the technical improvement project records and its project code sequences Date of establishment of the technical improvement Product identification number and name which of the technical improvement are being in used. Product description – full description of the that all the technical information and its … Read more

Product Quality Evaluation

Product Quality Evaluation   Revision number & Revision Date Product quality evaluation report number Customer Name & customer Description – All details of the customer’s address, contact numbers etc.. Product Purchasing details General terms are used for product purchasing Quality Presentation Evaluation – presentation of the product quality that can be measure & appearance perfect, … Read more

Product Delivery Evaluation

Product Delivery Evaluation   Revision number & Date Product Delivery Evaluation Report Date & number Customer Name & Customer Information Product Purchasing – Mostly information about the product size, grade, specification and special requirement that product delivery evaluation records are being maintained. General Terms of the product purchasing by customer Lead Time Evaluation – this … Read more

Payroll Register

Payroll Register   Payroll Register made by human resource department for the employee payable amount, in this payroll register all the details of the payable, deduction and net payable amount are calculated, Here as below given example format of payroll register for kind consideration:     Date of payment made or paid Employee Identification number … Read more

Individual instruction record

Individual instruction record   Name of Trainee, department and Department name Trained by – Name of faculty, designation of the trainer Subject for training instruction are going to provide. Required training for – why this training is required, how help this training in regular works. Used instruction Notes for individual instructions. Training Location – it … Read more

Visual Inspection Record Sheet

Visual Inspection Record Sheet   Visual inspection Record number is unique and in sequence number that used for continues for each inspection records. Customer Identification number generating in sequence for customers. Customer Name Customer Purchase order & Date   Work Order Number – Sales order / job slip for internal used and for tracking customer … Read more

Scrap Analysis

Scrap Analysis   During the production of the product, some product that during the operating due to some reason that possible to rejection comes in production line, each rejected material can go for rework or in scrap yard, due to machine wise rejection, reworks and scrap information is available when accurately reporting are maintained. Analysis … Read more