Document Control Audit points

Document Control Audit points Are there quality policy & quality (company level, department objective) documented? Quality manuals are available? Operational procedures are documented? Whether electronic documents, soft copies of documents are properly stored? Frequently backup are maintained? Is the Quality manual & Quality procedures are addressing all relevant requirements and clauses as per quality standards? … Read more

Document Control Form

Document Control Form In the organization, internal systems are need to each document should be controlled mean document that is used with the standard formats, each format that having unique details which second copy having management representative of the quality management system or any other management system, in case of the user fill the fields … Read more

Document Control Log

Document Control Log   What is document control?   The document that reviewed, updated & approved for the quality system maintain in management manner.   Reason of the document control is to ensure the current & valid documents are in used of routine quality management system as per international standards. Documents controls is responsible is … Read more