Tow motor inspection documentation

Tow motor inspection documentation


Tow motor inspection documentation is established for inspecting each function and parts to ensure tow motor is ready to perform tasks as regular job.


Tow motor inspection documentation are prepared to recording information of regular inspection process of tow motor, where tow motor inspection records are maintained as per inspecting each functions and parts of tow motor to ensure tow motor is ready to conducting and performing its job as management had decided to performing task in various areas as regular job. The inspection process is conducted on regular or as per frequency defined by management / equipment manager to ensure that the tow motor / equipment is in order and all functions are working accurately. The purpose of the inspection is to managing all equipments used in routine works that should be properly works at time of requirements, in the manufacturing and supporting processes, tow motor is important part of handling materials that concern manager is well aware the equipment requirements so its important that the system should supporting for conducting inspection processes and immediate action to repair / replace or services tow motor for managing internal affairs needs to complete at various locations of workplaces.


Tow motor inspection documentation prepared by equipment manager to conducting inspection tasks for regular verification of the equipment, the records are handled to managing internal requirements of equipment, generally equipment / tow motor inspection process is conducted by tow motor driver before start routine works with tow motors, but in case equipment manager having a qualified inspection to conducting each equipment for verification and inspecting that possible to assigned duties for regular inspection for tow motor and its functions. To conducting tow motor inspection process needs to complete documentation for recording purpose, the documentation are helps to determine actions to improvement of productivity, services for tow motor, see picture below given as example format of tow motor inspection form for education purpose:


Tow motor inspection form
Tow motor inspection form


Tow motor inspection form is regular used document for inspecting tow motor to ensure tow motor functions and condition for conducting assigned tasks in workplaces, the documentation is prepared and records are handled in equipment management department for further analysis and determine actions to improvement of productivity of tow motor, improvement in services and identification of replacement / repairing to reducing breakdowns and failure during regular operations. See below some important points that used in the form as checklist:


  • Whether tow motor’s scanner is properly works? Check & record information required ensuring that scanners need any servicing or not?
  • Are the brakes working properly? Breaks should be accurately works at time of regular tasks.
  • Check there all fronts and back lights, break lights and reverse lights are properly works?
  • Is there horn is in good and working conditions? It is properly works?
  • Is there seal belt working properly?
  • Check there oil levels are acceptable? What is best level and record current levels?
  • Whether tank is secure and without leakages? Check any leakage evidence is identified?
  • Does the mast move working properly mean freely without any trouble and error?
  • Are there forks in working condition and properly installed? It’s moving and functionally working properly? Verify it.
  • Are there any scratches, dents or damage is identified during inspection on tow motors? In case any identify that immediate contact with concern personnel.
  • Is there any part of tow motor having rust, color is proper for each part?
  • Verify each function, parts and visually to satisfy tow motor is ready for works in regular task.


Above each points are verified visually to ensure that tow motor’s each parts and function is working properly, and its can works in regular tasks to performing as regular tasks assigned by management. The records are handled and managed according to standard system of equipment management and its storage and disposal are conducted as per standard documentation system.



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Tow motor inspection form




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