Control on nonconforming product

Control on nonconforming product


Control on nonconforming product

  1. Are there a procedure / instructions / methods for identifying, controlling and dealing with nonconforming product?

  2. Is the identifications – labels / Tag etc.., firmly attached to the product or its container?

  3. Are nonconforming products separately deployed? Optimum quantity for the nonconforming product?

  4. Are there arrangements to identification & segregation for nonconforming purchased product in incoming material receiving and storage area? In production areas? In inspection areas? In storage areas (warehouses)? In shipping areas?

  5. Are personnel trained in the uses of the procedure in each relevant area?

  6. Are responsibilities assigned for making non conforming product disposition decisions?

  7. Are these decisions & reasons are documented?

  8. How the documentation is storage media?

  9. How is this documentation associated with the actual product, control number, label, stickers, tag, copy of the nonconforming report are attached to the product?

  10. When accepting nonconforming products, how is it determined whether customer concession is required or not?

  11. Who has the authority to accept non conforming products under a concession?

  12. Are there records describing the nature of nonconformities and actions taken?

  13. Are they traceable to specific product batches or shipments?

  14. How long are these records retained?

  15. Are reworked or repaired products re-verified to their original specification?

  16. Are the results recorded? Is reworked product formally released for use or delivery?

  17. What actions are taken when product nonconformity is detected after delivery?

  18. Who decides what needs to be done? Are these decisions documented? How?

  19. Is there a follow up to determine whether the actions were completed and were effective?


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