Internal auditor training requirements and qualifications

Internal auditor training requirements and qualifications


Internal management system is heart of the company, management are focus on the system that helps to improvement in product quality, organized material flows, safety and other issues that harm the company improvement are possible to manage through internal management system. But the internal management system should be maintain as per requirements of the standardized works that periodically audit is required to find out treats in the system, mistakes and error that reducing system effectiveness. For the internal auditing company is train some auditors to audit all the activities, documents and system available in company.

Internal audit training requirements and qualification provide guidelines to employee for the selection of the internal auditors, on base of the auditor requirements and qualification selected employees are conduct training for the internal audit. The purpose of the selection of the auditor to ensure the documentations, processes and activities are meet the requirements of the internal management system i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TS 16949 etc.. And auditors are conducting the audit to match the requirement with current system.

Maintain internal system is responsibility of the all the employees are working in the company at respective position, hence selection of candidates for the internal management system can be nominate by managers, engineers, human resource department or directly by management.


Internal auditor skill improvement training can provide by internal trainers or external sources having a well experience for structural training, all the internal auditors roles and responsibilities are defined on base of the knowledge of the internal management system by some unique techniques like a questions method and other assessment of techniques. On the successful training sections and match with requirements of the internal audits are certified by trainer.

Training Effectiveness / Validation

All the qualified internal auditors are conducting at least three audits to be reviewed by qualified senior auditors, management representatives, after the successful completion of all three audits, internal auditors will be considered to able conduct internal management system. This validation is conducted to ensure all auditors are well trained & enough knowledge of the internal management to able for perform on the routine internal audit.

Individual Skills and qualification for internal audit

Individual skills and qualifications are measured by considering some fields that candidate should sound knowledge for the conducting internal audit. Internal auditors test are conducting by management representative to support of senior auditors or third party agency who’s providing training for internal auditors. There are some basic requirements are checked which is called internal auditor skill audit pro-forma, see picture below:

Internal auditor skill audit proforma
Internal auditor skill audit proforma

Internal auditors skill & qualification audit are conducted on base of the some basic points that required to ensure the auditors are full competence to perform the audit task, here as below given some basic forms for the use as criteria of the skill audit in proforma:

  • Technical Skills
  • Personal should having analytically skill, understands problems & identification skill.
  • Judge the evidence and creative skill
  • Manufacturing Process understanding to comply system requirements.
  • Organizational skill
  • Personal skills to collect maximum details for the analysis to compliance of requirements of internal audit.

Internal auditor training requirements and qualifications are very important for the internal management system; companies are every year finding new internal auditors & involve in the internal audit for the improvement in individual performance as well compliance of the internal management system.



Download Internal Auditor’s skill audit proforma




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