How to measure customer satisfaction- practice to define satisfaction index

The purpose of the measure customer satisfaction is to gathering and analysis post-production feedback to easier for determining customer satisfaction. All the improvement steps on base of analysis results can be manage in three categories – The basic, performance and excellent.

Customer feedback system

The feedback system is to collect and analyze information about post-production performance of products. The purpose is to provide initial warning of quality problems for input into input, corrective and preventive action processes.

Feedback information is collect from the following sources:

  • Customer complaints:

    You can collect customer complaints, put them in different categories, and analyze all the collected information in accordance with the operating procedure. No customer should analyze with specific needs of compensation. All essential product quality checks are made by the shell quality assurance team. Identify the root cause of quality and concern of real issues.

  • Quality Issues list out:

    It is important that, all the product, customer and process related issues are record with specific document. Even and reporting needs in quality issue listing with it. This quality issues list you can have use to track information and action to assure properly follow up. On base of those information, you can close down customer related issues.

  • Defective or otherwise unrelated product returned by customers:

    If there are allegations of faulty or misleading reference products, can there be an inspection and evaluation method? According to the operational processor, to control the problem, steps should be taken to control the non-conforming product. Ensure that inspection reports evaluate by quality improvement whether correctional or preventative proceedings should be initiate.


Customer satisfaction feedback form Excel
Customer satisfaction feedback form


Customer satisfaction

Information and data on customer satisfaction are acquire from customer feedback and by analyzing customer behavior, to include:

  • Customer complaints and other feedback:

    Customer complaints, natural expressions of satisfaction and other unsolicited customer feedback are collect. The process done can be complete by the customer service department. Complaints should be categorize into different categories to assist in the processing of data to determine customer satisfaction. You have to define these activities in the operational process. So that the data quality can be complied with and analyzed by the Quality Assurance Manager. It will be present and discussed in the management review meetings

  • Product returns and warranty claims:

    Employees who have or are in power manage product compensation-related requests and warranty claims. Try to identify reasons for product returns, and categorize the reasons used for customer complaints. This is to ensure compatibility with other customer satisfaction data obtained from other sources. As well as the records of product return and warranty claims, periodically comply and analyze by the Quality Assurance Manager.

  • Repeat customers:

    Sales records are periodically analyze to identify repetitive customers as well as track their purchasing frequency and composition. Repeatable customer ratio is one of the most important indices of customer satisfaction. Repeat customers, frequency and trends should be presented and discussed on the management reviews.

Customer Satisfaction analysis report format
Customer Satisfaction analysis report

Analysis and presentation of customer satisfaction results

Quality assurance collects and analyzes all customer satisfaction data obtained from various sources. And related to various aspects of the company’s products and services. Analysis results in management review meetings are present in the top management.

Consistent with customer satisfaction level in all aspects, compare with previous year results and projections for current year. When affiliate and such data is available, the received customer satisfaction level is comparable to the competitors and other companies within and outside the industry. Managers participating in the meeting discuss the causes of failures or failures to reach customer satisfaction objectives, and provide input to set new objectives for next year.


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