QMS awareness program

QMS Awareness Program

QMS Awareness Program / QMS Awareness Questions

QMS  Awareness Questions


Q-01  The process approach to a quality management system seeks to help organization:

  1.   Manager numerous linked activities.
  2.   Understand and fulfill requirements.
  3.  c. Continually improve processes.
  4. All of the above.
  5.   None of the above.

Q-02  What information is being sought during a third party audit of a quality management system?

  1.  A list of non-conformities to ISO 9001.
  2.  Objective evidence of conformity with ISO 9001.
  3.  A management commitment to quality assurance.
  4.  All of the above.
  5.  None of the above.

Q-03 Which of the following activities must be carried out by someone who is independent of the activity being evaluated?

  1.  A contract review.
  2.  An inspection of product.
  3.  A quality system audit.
  4.  All of the above.
  5.  None of the above.

Q-04 A third party audit is :

  1.   An internal audit
  2. An audit by the customer or client
  3. An audit by a certification or regularly organization
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Q-05  To act as an auditor of quality system a person has to:

  1.  Be registered as a certificated auditor.
  2.  Have a detailed knowledge of the product or service of the organization to be audited.
  3.  Have been a quality systems manager.
  4.  All of the above.
  5.  None of the above.

Q-06  Quality system audits are used to verify:

  1.  The number of persons working on a contract
  2.  The Extent to which audit criteria are fulfilled
  3.  That all supplier to the organization have ISO 9001 certification
  4.  All of the above
  5.  None of the above

Q-7  ISO 9001:2008 includes:

  1.  Health and safety requirement
  2.  Quality planning
  3.  Quality costing
  4.  All of above
  5.  None of the above

Q-08 A system based on the requirement of ISO 9001 aims:

  1.   Achieve customer satisfaction
  2.   Demonstrate an organization ability to consistency supply conforming product
  3.   Prevent non conformity
  4.   All of above
  5.   None of the above

Q-09 How many records are mandatory as per ISO 9001: 2008?

  1.   19
  2.   20
  3.   21
  4. 22

Q.10  If “plan-do-check-act” system applied to
 ISO 9001:2008 , clauses no 5, 6, 7, 8, then sequence of “PDCA” will be :

  1.   5,6,7,8
  2.   5,7,8,6
  3.   6,7,8,5
  4.   5,8,7,6

Q.11 Which ISO 9001:2000 clause no. address the use of quality management principles related to “CUSTOMER FOCUS” :

  1.   ISO Clause no. 6
  2.   ISO Clause no. 7.2 , 7.2.2 , 7.2.3
  3.   ISO Clause no. 8
  4.   all of above
  5.   none of the above

Q-12 ISO 9001 : 2008 Calls for:

  1.  Quality management system – fundamentals and vocabulary.
  2.  Guide lines for quality and/or environment management system auditing.
  3.  Quality management system requirements.
  4.  Quality management system guidelines for performance improvements

Q-13 How many clauses of ISO 9001:2008 required documented procedures?

  1. 5
  2. 6
  3. 12
  4. 8

Q.14 How many records are mandatory for design Exclusion organization as per ISO 9000:2005 ?

  1.  14
  2.  15
  3.  16
  4.  19

Q.15  Who is responsible for approval of quality policy in the organization as per ISO 9001:2008?

  1.  Quality manager
  2.  Management respective
  3.  Top management
  4.   Management

Q.16  Which one ISO clause no. having exclusion in our quality management system?

  1. 7.5.2
  2. 7.3
  3. 7.5.1
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Q.17 Generally accepted “levels” of documents that comprise a documented system these are in sequence like :

  1. Quality manual-work instruction –formats-procedures
  2. Procedures- formats-work instruction- Quality manual
  3. Quality manual-procedures- work instruction –formats
  4. Formats-work instruction- procedures-Quality manual

Q.18  The term and definitions related to quality management system specified in :

  1.  ISO 9001:2008
  2.  ISO 9002:2002
  3.  ISO 9004:2005
  4.  ISO 9000:2005

Q.19  What resources must be provided by the organization?

  1. Information technology system for internal communication
  2. Transport to take staff from one part of the organization to another
  3. Adequate space to undertake work tasks
  4. All of above
  5. None of above

Q.20 The extent of documentations of the quality system should be determined by:

  1.  The complexity of the processes and their interactions
  2.  The Expectations of auditors
  3.  The culture of the quality department
  4.  All of the above
  5.  None of the above

Q.21 ”Out come of an audit provided by the audit team, after consideration of the audit objective and all audit finding”, is the definition as per ISO 9000:2005:

  1. Audit finding
  2. Audit evidence
  3. Audit conclusion
  4. Audit criteria

Q.22 Which quality management principles used by top management in order to lead the organization towards improved performances?

  1.  Customer focus
  2.  Involved of people, process, approach
  3.  System approach to management, continual improvement
  4.  Factual approach to decision marking, mutually beneficial supplier relationship.


  1.  ISO 9001
  2.  ISO 9004
  3.  ISO 19011
  4.  ISO 9000


  1.  Quality system
  2.  Quality management
  3.  Quality improvement
  4.  Quality management system



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