Waste management inspection plan

Waste management inspection plan

Waste management inspection plan is planning for inspecting the waste management that is waste generators to waste storage systematically.

Waste management inspection plan conduct for the effective planning of the inspection of the waste management and waste generating from various processes to storage to auditing each part of the waste management, motive of the waste management inspection is generating waste from the various process are try to identify root of the waste generating to enable minimize waste generates and monitoring & auditing generated waste are proper disposal system is available with the company.

Waste management inspection plan is planning for the conducting the each parts, process & storage system of the waste management system. By tracking of each process, waste & scrape to ensure the waste management is conducting systematically.

Waste management inspection can conduct many types and frequency, mostly companies are waste management inspection is arranging quarter basic, but when the company having a huge transitions that its necessary to each waste storage should be properly inspected. For the waste management inspection can conduct weekly or monthly basis, here as below given table for reference:

Weekly / Monthly waste storage inspection checklist table


Sr. NoObservation PointsRequired CriteriaObservations
00Is there any proper arrangement for working on height in waste storage area?Supporting Equipment for safety
01Is there sufficient displays (No smoking in storage area, Hazardous Waste, Isolated area, Danger etc.) for waste storage of Waste?Visibility of instructions
02Is there adequate Nos. of Fire Extinguishers with operating condition?Safety Equipment
03Is there proper arrangement for disposal of solid waste, paint scale, rubber scrape, fiber scrape, contaminated oil & used grease ?Instruction / Practices
04Waste Properly identified?,  Properly stored and handled?, Employees familiar with risks and precautions?, inventories maintained where required?Standard terms of Documents
05Is waste lifting and transferring device or Lifts Examined once in last quarterly / Six months? Evidence ?Evidence / Records
06Is the Waste stored as defined location in waste & scrap yard?Clear Identification
07Records of government law / rules – Forms / documents are properly attending, recording, documented & submitted to governmentEvidences with current updation.


Major Inspection Areas

Identification of Waste – Waste management inspection planning team are considering the requirements of the waste management system standards that each material waste should be identified during the manufacturing / processes to consider as the storage in the waste storage unit, identified waste is necessary process which is conducted by supervisors / department managers, this is responsibilities of the waste are put at the defined containers / bin within the department and supervisors / managers are monitoring the waste is properly put at defined place in department, but it monitoring and controlling responsibilities are defined by management for the waste management system in charge / manager.

At the same way each generated waste from the processes are identified and same should be put in the waste storage areas for the disposal as per company terms and government laws / requirements, and same waste management inspectors are audit.

Labeling – Waste which is generated from the processes should be labeled on the container / bin by identification tag / label to easier for the identification and its example of well organized system. Labels should be clear / readable & all the required information should be on label like label number, container / bin number, department code etc..


Disposal waste – in the manufacturing processes, waste management is very import that identification of the waste and second important is disposal waste. Material when released from the various processes, each processes area having local temporary waste storage as per categories are defined by waste management team, on base of the categories of the waste, waste management team are storage in waste storage area and same should be go for disposal, in the disposal of the waste should be comply requirement of the internal management system like environment system & government law / rules for the disposal. process of the disposal is depends on the material hazard categories as per government law material should be dispose, auditor team is consider and match with categories, government law should followed.

Planning teams are conducting plan of the waste management to manage all waste concern activities to ensure proper management of the waste and same are waste management inspector team will follow the requirement of audit, here as below given example for the waste management plan:

Waste Management inspection plan page 01
Waste Management inspection plan page 01
Waste Management inspection plan page 02
Waste Management inspection plan page 02

Waste management inspection team will be conduct the audit of each responsible persons, process and system concern that is overall waste management practices. There are some examples for the responsible individual person and department are as below:

Human resources audit

Waste management inspectors are auditing each bins that provided by the human resources to ensure the human resource role in waste management. Each waste containers and bins are conduct for removal should be as per schedule in case any remain that should be recorded. All the concern transportation of waste to designed and arranged for disposal by human resources. Human resource department is responsible for skill development and identification of needs for each employee should competent for the works, all individuals training for the loading, unloading, handling, moving, storage and disposal process are conduct by peoples that should well trained.

Recycle process

In case any company is conducting process of the recycling waste that should be covered in the waste management system, waste reduction and its reduction strategy, recover, reuse and recycling of waste material are properly handled by waste management team. Waste management inspection team will also conduct this part of the system if the applicable in the company.


Download waste management inspection plan format 


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