5s audit score trend

5s audit score trend 5s audit score trend is analysis managed to identify locations and areas for implementation of 5s effectively to analysis data of regular audit records.   5s audit score trend is documents and part of analysis that managed to identification various locations, areas and condition in workplaces, to effectively implementation for 5S … Read more

5s layered process audit documentation

5s layered process audit documentation   5s layered process audit documentation is establish for recording processes wise layered audit activities, status and communication records for 5s system improvement.   5s layered process audit documentation is prepared, maintained and update documentation and processes of 5s layered process where all audited information, status of 5s layered process … Read more

Total productive maintenance (TPM) audit

Total productive maintenance (TPM) audit   Total productive maintenance (TPM) audit is conducted to ensure established system of maintenance is properly handled and endure system compliance.   The procedures for total productive maintenance (TPM) audit is established for verify all maintenance activity and system which established for conducting activity of maintenance concern in company. The … Read more

5S Evaluation

5S Evaluation   To implementation of 5S in the company has to be actively participating in the 5S system, after the 5S system updates need to evaluate where still gap or something missing implementation at some parts is. This is very important for find out the gap of the 5S system, here as below some … Read more

5s audit feedback form

5s audit feedback form 5S is the system to makes the organization clean & sophisticated due to its five natural steps that are: Shorting – remove unwanted material from the area & take on place useful material. Set in order – Organize useful material to maximum material can store at area. Shine – It’s a … Read more

Advantages of 5S system

Advantages of 5S system     For 5S implementation required following steps: Awareness & training for top to bottom line peoples Planning for each department & target areas Motivate peoples to actively participate in 5S system Step by step implement 1 to 5 ‘S’ monitoring Checklist preparations, Inspection Audit schedules & conduct CAPA for 5S … Read more

Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist   Cleaning is primary requirements of any organization, company that always required attention to make the company clean and dust free, mostly companies are adopting some technique to maintain cleaning in the various areas through 5S system, human resources extra efforts, internal management system that help to systematic way to clean the areas … Read more

5S checklist change control

5S checklist change control   5S activity in company is very important part of housekeeping and organizational system which all the unfair, unorganized material storage and system will be change through 5S activity, this activity should be maintain until not being habit, hence this is very unique system that now all the one by one … Read more

Housekeeping document audit

 Housekeeping document audit   Check the agreement copy are available with department, all the necessary agreement records are available? Whether proper housekeeping records are available? Is there all the housekeeping records are covered all the area / location / department / offices which are in company premises? In housekeeping works hazardous chemical / materials are … Read more

Housekeeping inspection checklist

Housekeeping inspection checklist   Company having a latest technology, skilled employees and workmen and best quality material able to produce, but the organization is not proper clean, dust and material are deploy here and there can directly effect on quality and customers that visit the plant, that is the reason that housekeeping is primary requirement … Read more