Quality Control Committee plan

Quality Control Committee plan   To maintain quality of product quality control committee performing primary role to establishment of quality control for product, monitoring and controlling on activities that concern with quality product. Quality control committee the group of quality expert of the particular product, specification and grade of mother product that easier to understand … Read more

Document log

Document log   Internal management system’s base is the document, well structured; enough information and concern data formats are very useful to any internal process to achieve the required data collections, information and other concern. Documents that after the processing filled the data in the single format that becomes a record for the month, years … Read more

Control Plan checklist

Control Plan checklist   Control plan is major document for the manufacturing process, process sequences and interactions. Manufacturing process troubles, mistakes that are by human or machine, all the possible manufacturing process troubles, mistakes and concern issues can solve through control plan, control plan is a planning of the controlling on each process and stages … Read more

Customer delivery record sheet

Customer delivery record sheet   Customers are king of market as we all knows that each manufacturing company takes care of the customer to provide superior quality material to capture maximum customer satisfaction for the increase numbers of orders & sales forecast. For the customer satisfaction improvement there are three most important things that needs … Read more

ISO 9001 Store Audit Checklist

ISO 9001 Store Audit Checklist In ISO 9001 implementation in organization, the store department is playing important role to managing incoming materials, storage raw materials, chemicals, tools & engineering materials as well as consumable goods, so its important for the maintaining quality management system, store department should be accurately managed all the tasks under the … Read more

Daily Review meeting

Daily Review meeting   In the company meetings are very important and necessary part to improvement through discussions on matter that stayed due to problems or other reasons that solutions are possible through discussion in groups of the peoples of company. As the parts of the company meeting, some management level’s peoples are conducting daily … Read more

Induction Program

Induction Program   In the company training is part of the basic system & requirement of the training at any level of the company, human resource department is conducting the information, training calendar and skill matrix is base of the training in company.   Induction training is the part of the training that some basic … Read more

Visual Inspection Record Sheet

Visual Inspection Record Sheet   Visual inspection Record number is unique and in sequence number that used for continues for each inspection records. Customer Identification number generating in sequence for customers. Customer Name Customer Purchase order & Date   Work Order Number – Sales order / job slip for internal used and for tracking customer … Read more

Compliance planning sheet

Compliance planning sheet   Work Task – information of the work task, compliance planning for the work task. Start and end date of the work task and its planning for compliance. Communication – How to work task will be comply, what will be communication method for it. Process / Procedure – Well defined Process / … Read more