Management responsibility for quality management system

Management responsibility for quality management system   This article describes management responsibility / commitment for quality management system in organization.   This article describes the management commitment for the quality management system, and for integrated management system in organization, the management should committed and responsible to implement quality management system / integrated management system manage … Read more

Quality Operating Procedure

Quality Operating Procedure The procedure is establishment needs to designing and development new product, implementation of existing product to extract quality requirements. The quality operating needs to proper planning of designing and development for new product as well as existing product in case of improvement, modification of amendment in existing design, hence needs to submitting … Read more

Identification of new machine, facility and tools

Identification of new machine, facility and tools The procedure is needs to establish for implementation of manufacturing processes & product quality through identification & improve facilities, resources utilization. The process for the identification of new machine, facility and tools that can be in form of bill of materials used in regular production lines, used as … Read more

Product NC documentation

Product NC documentation Product NC documentation is prepared for managing records of non conformance identified in manufacturing processes with product concern. Product NC documentation is established by quality department to recording product non conformance during the inspection at various stages of organization, raw materials, in-process and final inspection process outputs can be final product and … Read more

Problem report documents

Problem report documents Problem report documentation process is conducted to organize identified problems and provides details to concern department for resolve the issue raised. Problem reporting documentation process is implemented at all the departments to recording information of problem identified during various activities, the documentation is maintained as per standards system and formats are prepared … Read more


CAPA & NC   The processes describe relation between corrective actions & preventive actions (CAPA) with non-conformity (NC) for stability of quality management system.   The purpose of establish and maintain a process for corrective actions is to reducing / eliminating the source causes of non-conformity in order to prevent recurrence. Hence the preventive actions … Read more

Objectives for continuous improvement

Objectives for continuous improvement   The purpose of developing this procedure is to ensure that organization sets objectives appropriate targets are sufficient to achieve determined achievements.   What is quality objective? Quality objective is overall goal that an organization setup it self to achieve specific targets.   The procedure / process is deployed in internal … Read more

Continues improvement project: Quality System

Continues improvement project: Quality System   Continues improvement project establish by quality team to increase resources productivity, quality products and structural working environment in organization.   Continues improvement project is part of quality management system is establish & implement by core team to enhance resources productivity, concentrate on product quality according to standards, and provides … Read more

Inspection levels

Inspection levels The purpose of this sample guideline to provides a technique to identifying the different levels of quality inspection and managing priority.     In the manufacturing unit, engineering or any other unit that needs to implement quality inspection to identification of the product quality, standards requirements, and customer specific requirements to provide standards … Read more

Quality management plan – Role & responsibility

Quality management plan – Role & responsibility   The procedure needs to implement to ensure all employees understand concept of quality management plan and its individual role & responsibility in system.   The procedure / process establishment needs to ensure all the employees should be understands, aware, follow and sustain its role and responsibility as … Read more