Compliance evaluation format

Compliance evaluation format

 Compliance evaluation format

Any kinds of manufacturing industry are used waster, chemical and gases that directly effecting environment, human heath and safety hence government laws, rules and acts are applicable on the company’s activity which used as input and out put are chemicals, waters and gases.


Generally each company need to consent from pollution control boards which works under government, in the consent basically company limit of used of material, wastage and outputs form the process and activity figures are mentioned that company are strictly works in limits of the consent, if the company are work in limits as per consent indicated that means almost requirements are complied by company. Compliance evaluation format’s fields that used to record information as below:


  1. Environmental regulation or statutory requirements
  2. Any updates? – This point indicating the Rule / Act – updated during the period, mostly this information can be comes from various websites of government, local office notice and letters and factory acts information.
  3. Applicable to company – Generally information of the websites, rules and acts are for all kinds of industries but some rules / acts can applicable that need to mention in this field.
  4. Documentation modification / changes required – when the rule / acts are update that needs the entire document which concern are update in line with new amendments.
  5. Date of current revision – latest Revision number & date against documents
  6. Date of next revision


Here format for compliance evaluation format given for your reference, in the format some information guideline is given as above, compliance of the rules / act is very important for company, if any law is not complained that cause legal actions from pollution control board.







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