Control Plan Checklist Points

Control Plan Checklist Points

Control Plan Checklist Points


  • The control plan methodologies are used in control plan preparing? Is description of the methods are directed? Records are available?

  • Have all known customer complaints been identified to facilitate the selection of special product & special process characteristics? All the special product & process characteristics are verified & approved?

  • Are all special product & special process characteristics included in the control plan? Is the base requirements are covered?

  • Are engineering performance testing requirements identified?

  • If required, has the customer approved the control plan?

  • Are gage methods compatible between supplier and customer?

  • Were SFMEA (system failure mode & effective analysis), DFMEA (Design failure mode & effective analysis), and PFMEA (Process / Product failure mode & effective analysis) used to prepare the control plan?

  • Are material specifications requiring inspection identified?

  • Does the control pan address incoming (material/components) through processing/assembly including packaging?

  • Are Gauges and test equipment available as required by the control plan?

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