Daily Fork lift inspection checklist points

Daily Fork lift inspection checklist points


Daily Folk lift inspection checklist format

  1. Check the oil level is sufficient?

  2. Water level correct in batteries / batteries properly fit on place?

  3. Check Forklift cylinder is correctly working, is there any curse are filled?

  4. Check the cabin of forklift, is there any mistakes are found?

  5. Check the horn is properly working, its sound correctly?

  6. All the lights, side lights, head lights and reverse light are properly works?

  7. Check all pin locks are fit properly?

  8. Hydraulic pipes / pipe joints are correct? Is there any leakage evident?

  9. Break rest properly working? Is there any curse evident?

  10. Floor should be net & clean, is there any oil, grease or water are spilled?

  11. Battery properly charged? Test the battery at least 15 minutes for the test battery is working correct or not

  12. Any unwanted things are near by excel?

  13. Safety guards are properly fixed each rotate object?

  14. After push emergency break yet forklift is running? If yes need to repair break

  15. Check the forklift’s chain having any trouble during up-down operations?

  16. Test drive the forklift during operation of up-down is there any unwanted noise are noted?

  17. Check the driver cabin & seat is properly fit & it there any unsafe evident?


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