Measuring Instrument / Equipment Calibration Compliance Report

Measuring Instrument / Equipment Calibration Compliance Report

Measuring Instrument / Equipment Calibration Compliance Report

To ensure the measuring instrument and equipment are measuring correct, if the instruments are well calibrated, each measuring instruments and equipment should be timely calibrated as requirements of the international standards & also necessary for the customer satisfactions.

If the company having a huge bunch of measuring instruments and also having the individual department wise measuring instruments and equipment are really needs to create the compliance report to find out the calibrations of the each instruments are done to maintain frequency.

Measuring devices / instruments and equipment are use for the measuring with accuracy, calibrations process gives the surety of devices are used for the measuring & compliance reports are gives the status of the whole company’s measuring instruments & equipment that use for inspection & testing as well as measuring.

During the calibration process, accuracy should be maintained of device, instruments, there are also need to take care of the instruments / equipment are need to calibrate as timely or before due date should be calibrate.

In the measuring instrument / equipment calibration compliance report, as you can see picture above, there are some fields are mandatory to field out to compliance of the calibrations are done as defined individually or instrument wise.

Let’s see the as picture above, there are some fields are needed to understand:

Identification no. is indicate the instrument of equipment specific identification number will be unique number for, instrument can find out as on identification number too. Identify number also called IMTE (identification measuring testing equipment) number should be unique.

Accuracy Required fields are very important for the measuring instruments / equipment that are base requirements is measurement that should be accuracy are most important in any case, in the fields are required the how much tolerance should be acceptable for the calibration process are accept instrument valid?, accuracy tolerance should be acceptable as per standards not as company individually, on the instruments manufacturer are also follow the standards that indicate accuracy requirements is print on the technical details are comes along with instrument by from market.

Range of measurement fields are use for the indicate the instrument limits, how much instruments can possible to measure, by the range of instruments can people are use the instrument for the measurements for the maintain accuracy.

Calibration Done date requirements for the instrument / equipment are measuring system need to check out on frequently, each instrument calibration frequency can be different so there need to mentioned when this instrument are calibrated there are also one field that indicates that when the next due date of the calibration, calibration should be done before the calibration due date for the maintain its stability of measurements.

Calibrate team that calibration process are done, calibration team are certified for the done this process, off course they can issue the certificate for the instruments are well calibrated and ready for the use for measurements, in the compliance report certificate no and data need to mentioned which is earlier done by approved calibration laboratory.


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