How to solve quality problems in manufacturing

Effectively implementation of the quality system and identification of root cause for each problem is best solution for eliminate or minimize quality issues in manufacturing.

Root cause is one of the best solutions.

Quality problems in manufacturing: Customer satisfaction is ultimate goal for any industry & we’ll know very well customers are always being when we provide:

  • Good quality materials
  • Better services and
  • Comfort price.

Of cause, first one is very important then others below two. Because may customers not mine, if little lake of services or little high price then others i.e. competitors if quality of the material is good than others. We always target objective to provide good quality materials to customers.

Sure, all companies always try to enhance quality for being strong in market. But still some issue are comes against management to compromise little bit. may be not having enough data to avoid it.

Quality Problems and effective solutions

Why we don’t solve quality problems? Or why are disable to enhance quality of products?. The main reason can be management doesn’t have the enough data to analysis to get on right decision.

What in exactly happen, when we trying solve problem to concern quality?.  Management immediately arrange meeting with team & people discussing to concern problems. Concern peoples are gives opinions individually or on based of past experience. OK but opinions can be formed, if without analysis of data.

Today we are talking about real method to solve any problem to concern quality of product. How to solve problem of quality and concern? If we have good knowledge or product and production. Then you have solution for the same, but if don’t have right method then nothing happen! Right.. Method to any solution is why? Why? Method its also called root cause.

Root cause is best method, I ever see to success in industry, root cause is very simple method. But very effective to go in deep of problem, where from occurred and how much impacted and effective since in spot.

Root cause will help to identify and corrective idea to solve it. Thought root cause of problem, authorize person will investigate that, how any why it’s happen? During investigation and gathering data from unit & analysis it’s from get any result of real problem.

 Basic of Quality Management 

For the solution of the quality problems concern with product or system. The process is need to establish by uniform method for define the purpose. Contents and system parts for the company, the process should apply all the part of the company and documentations. The requirements of the documents should apply all function, quality, engineering parts, productions, quality assurance & controls, packing & dispatch etc. For establishment of the quality system needs following documentation accurately:

Quality manual

Quality manual is the written document to guide how to operate system to concern manufacturing process & sequences, policies, checklists, forms, drawing, flow charts etc, by systematical ways. To maintain unique and uniform sequences by documented procedures. Quality manual is defined to considering the requirements of the company, which is concern with international standards and its requirements. To develop the company process for establishment and maintain quality system. Company should define the quality policy on base of the main activities, quality inspection & objectives to maintain policy.

Quality procedures

Quality procedures is provide for instructions, guidelines and systematical process to establish, maintain & update for the system. Assign the authorities & responsibilities for all activities to maintain internal management system by management to all concern peoples.

Work Instruction

The purpose of the work instructions is to personnel guidelines for the particular works or process. To perform specific task or process operation systematic guideline provided by work instruction. Work instruction is prepared by deep understanding of the process, activities or works task by department peoples for uses within department.

Standard Documents

The standards are controlled and maintained by quality system. The Documentation system must listing the each documents initial date, revisions and its levels, manufacturing, process and supporting documents by sequences & approved formatting system. Standards for which there is continuous maintain and serve from their owners and updated when revised segments of the standards are received.

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