Management role in QMS,EHS

Management commitments, Role & Responsibility: Quality management System (QMS) + Environment Health & Safety (EHS)

 Management Role in QMS, EHS

What should management commitments, role & responsibility in Quality management system & Environment health & safety purpose, its important part to implements any system that for successful runs in any organisation are due to management commitment.

To consider general role & responsibilities, commitments of managements to address QMS & EHS System that fit to each organisation who what to be implement in its organisation, management can put as key objective to achieve system requirements in its organisation.

Management role & Responsibility are as under:

Environment Health & Safety System

  • Overall accountable for non fulfilment of EHS, legal and other compliances related to EHS at workplace.
  • Ensure the availability of resources essential to establish, implement, maintain and improvement of EHSMS.
  • Defining role, allocating responsibility and accountability and delegating authority to facilitate effective EHSMS. Review it periodically.
  • Ensure the performance reports are presented timely and basis for continual improvement of EHS performance.
  • Overall accountable for any EHS incidence in the organisation.

Quality Management System

  • Establish a quality policy.
  • Establish quality objectives.
  • Communicate the importance of meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements.
  • Management reviews are regularly conducted.
  • Provide resources necessary to meet Project requirements.
  • Continually improve the work processes and deliverable.

Above are common points that need to care by management, you can enhance that points as requirements of your organisation.


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