Manual audit procedures – Written summary of audit process

A manual audit is a high level auditing process may perform to ensure primary reference sources and standards are sufficiently maintain as well update in line with international standards requirements.

Introduction to Manual audit – Summary

Manual audit process establishment are manage to conducting manual audit. It is summary reporting to auditing manual. That is main part of the quality management system. As well as all the system that are use for managing various tasks, implementation of the procedures, guidelines. The various documentation for continual improvement of organization, and the manuals is main document. All concern documents are prepare and follows the manual indicate and mention to do so.

Independence and Objectivity

The manual should be properly manage, implement and its concern documentation should be well organize as per standard system requirements. When the company is adopting any international standard system, or system that help to enhance values of processes. As well as activities that determine to socket opportunity and for the system implementation needs the sustainable guidelines. To easier for management to improve the system according adopt system.

Audit process

Hence the manual is first step that needs to establish for conducting various tasks. To ensure the management improvement, product quality improvement and internal system implementation. On based of manuals and its applicability are direction for the rest processes. So the manual should be well define, according to standard system, easy for implementation for each procedure accordingly.

The maintaining manual and its concern documents needs to frequently auditing, documents verification and implementation at appropriate locations and inline with standards requirements. Hence the manual audit is important part of the internal management system.

Process step #1

Manual audit is establish by management representative and quality management together. To implement manuals and its concern documents, procedures, work instructions and guidelines to conduct the manufacturing, quality, planning etc. The tasks to make systematic and easier to maintain with considering quality of product.

Process step #2

The quality management is responsible for establishment of manual audit. Its concern activities and selection of quality audit in the workplaces. Hence management representative is responsible to provide guidelines, arrangement and other supporting requirements concern internal management. To help quality auditors, manual audit is conduct and its documentation is maintain by quality department.

Process step #3

Its documents should be in line with standard requirements that is controlled documentation system to easier for identification of documents and tracking in case of any non-conformity identify during audit process. The manual audit is first step of internal system audit. Hence the its audit is much important that pivot area of internal system. Major correction are impacting on whole system as well the internal regular processes and resources.

Manual Audit summary sheet

See the picture below given as example format of manual audit summary sheet. It is provide for education purpose to understand the summary note. Actually this is key document that use on after completion of manual audit.Its all the implementation are affecting rest areas of workplaces:


Manual Audit summary sheet
Manual Audit summary sheet


More about Manual audit summary sheet format

Manual audit summary sheet format is use to recording information of manual audit conduct by qualified auditors.  As select by quality management for conducting tasks according to standard system and internal management system requirements.

The standard system that is international standards that generally all industry are accept and adopt as reliable system to implementation in own facility. The manual audit summary sheet is cover all the concern requirements and points. That may cause wise describe in standard system, hence the team should be verify the compliance of causes define for better improvement of internal system as guidelines.

The documentation are maintain and update as per documentation system. The manual non-conformity and its concern processes are maintain at appropriate responsibly that management representative. The departments head are responsible for amend, addition or change the document. The processes as implementation and compliance of non-conformity.



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Manual Audit summary sheet



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