Power System safety inspection

Power System safety inspection

 Power System safety inspection

  1. Whether in power system emergency shutdown switch / circuit breakers or fully operational system is in working condition?

  2. Whether guards on each rotating parts, nip points and others unsafe identified?

  3. Sufficient amount of oiling and grease are used in power system? Is there oil leak from any components? Excessive oil spillage in power system control system?

  4. Whether proper ventilation at operational & controlling system?

  5. Engineers, Technicians, Wiremen, Mechanics, helpers are trained to all controlling / operational controlling / power system?

  6. Is there wiring, Control panels or any system unexpected worn? Or any damage found during inspection?

  7. If any damage found what mechanical power system in charge had taken actions? Is there an action plan is submitted to inspector?

  8. At hydraulic Power system, pressure lines clearly identified? Is there display is indicating correct pressures? How to verify pressure is indicated is right?

  9. Is there Hydraulic power systems had prepared procedures / instruction notes?

  10. Hydraulic system is properly cleaning and oiling is at frequency defined?

  11. Whether data available of the last inspection of power system?

  12. Is the electrical control panels are clearly identified? How the security is measures? What is the measuring method for control panels’ security?

  13. What are the minimum requirements for the certification for the access electrical control panels? Is there certified electrical experts are access panels only?

  14. Is there prohibited, Danger etc.. Sign board, no smoking zone boards are deployed?

  15.  Is the fire extinguishers are deployed at control panels? Fire extinguishers are identified for correct type? Check whether fire extinguisher sticker had properly readable? Check fire extinguisher expiry date.

  16. Any exposed conductors are installed at rear part of switchboard?

  17. Flexible extension cords fray free and absence of splice?

  18. Are there any unsafe conditions / unsafe behavior / unsafe situation of machine, equipment, controlling, monitoring, humans are found, note for the improvement.



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