QMS awareness program

QMS Awareness Program QMS  Awareness Questions   Q-01  The process approach to a quality management system seeks to help organization:   Manager numerous linked activities.   Understand and fulfill requirements.  c. Continually improve processes. All of the above.   None of the above. Q-02  What information is being sought during a third party audit of … Read more

Internal Audit Checklist for Top management

Internal Audit Checklist for Top management A. Does the Top Management provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the quality management system for the following? Communicating customer requirement (Including statutory & regulatory requirement) Establishing the quality policy. Ensuring that quality objective are established. Conducting management review Ensuring availability of resources   … Read more

Premium Freight Monitoring report

Premium Freight Monitoring report   Its can be key objective or key performance indicator for sales depart or company level objective that need to monitoring on high level, reason it premium freight is a expenses that not real or legit for company its can be possible to eliminate, reduce or avoid in case of planning … Read more

ISO 9001: 2015 under revision: Standards for Organization

ISO 9001: 2015 under revision: Standards for Organization ISO 9001 very popular standard are used by billions of people  and millions of organization over the world, after success of the ISO 9001:2008 is revised with a huge impacts can be made in internal system of users of ISO 9001 certified. In ISO series of documents … Read more