5s implementation program – step by step points

5s implementation program – step by step points


5s implementation Program



As we Discussed on 5S before & also you can see above picture having 05 forms that indicating  the requirements of the implementation of 05 steps that have to complete to implementation 5S in your organisation.

How to Implement 5S in Organisation / Company / Factory level ?

Some easier steps are given in format template you have to download, there are few questions for the each stage of the ‘S’ are given for implementation & awareness of 5S

5s implementation program – Check points 

Phase No.: 01 SEIRI (SORT) / CLEAR OUT

  1. Which parts are occupying unexpected space? Can I shift those to any other appropriate location?
  2. Are tools easily found when required? Are any tools lying in floor space? Can those be shifted to racks?
  3. Are any parts of machine (Replacement parts) & or supporting equipment lying on floor? Can those be moved to its locations?
  4. Are unnecessary papers lying in area? Can those be filed?
  5. Are in process lots lying in area, required to be in the department? If not can those be moved to stores & or next operation?

Phase No.: 02 SEITON / CLEAR OUT

  1. Which in-process items lots did I shift from my area? Where? Is it appropriate (also ensure for replacement part of machine)
  2. Is the tools rack properly arranged that is tools being arranged products wise/ operation wise?
  3. Are tools boxes provided near machine & are general purpose tools stored in the boxes?
  4. Is process scrap falling in scrap in or on floor? Which machine did I get rid of scrap on floor?
  5. Are dustbins provided in my shop? Area those used for waste accumulation or still wastes are thrown on floor?


Phase No.: 03 SEISO / CLEAN & CHECK

  1. Are yellow lines for area demarcation maintained? If not where did I improve / rearrange?
  2. Is identification on machine & tools maintained properly? If not where did Improve / re-identify?
  3. Near which machine scrap accumulation is evident? Did I remove it properly?
  4. Floor, ceiling, machine tools & visual displays free from dirt, oil, and cobwebs? How did I manage these?
  5. Is sufficient lighting & ventilation available in any area? If not how did I improve it?

Phase No.: 04 SEITON / CLEAN & CHECK

  1. Are daily cleaning / housekeeping regularized? What is the visual impact?
  2. Are oil/ grease applied for machine / tools not in use? Does it ensure no unnecessary spillage to floor?
  3. Is daily scrap removal being arranged? Which machines operators show improvement?
  4. What more improvement do I need to incorporate, within department?
  5. Area routine responsibilities for housekeeping allocated & or clubbed with daily activities or still I need to get things done forcefully.


  1. Am I confident to maintain housekeeping? Min. how long will it last?
  2. Any complaints from other departments regarding materials dumping? Do they agree for no problem status since when?
  3. Improvements in subsequent housekeeping audits summaries?
  4. Space recognition of any (appropriate by other department supervisor, HOD or management)
  5. Support required from management if any



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